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Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dean of Faculty, Doc Dr. Nasir Bexheti E-mail: nasir.behxheti@unite.edu.mk   The aim of Medical and Dentistry studies is professional training of staff that will be sufficient in the
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Faculty of Arts

Dean of Faculty, Prof. dr. Miftar Memeti E-mail: miftar.memeti@unite.edu.mk   The Faculty of Arts was established on December 17, 1994 and has three study programs:   ·         Fine ...
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Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition

Dean of Faculty, Doc. Dr. Xhezair Idrizi E-mail:  xhezair.idrizi@unite.edu.mk   Graduated students in Food Technology and Nutrition are prepared and qualified to work in the field ...
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Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Nderim Zeqiri E-mail: nderim.zeqiri@unite.edu.mk   Faculty of Applied Sciences expands, enriches and enhances its academic and practical work, adapting to the trends and ...
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Faculty of Physical Education

  Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ajri Ziba E-mail: ajri.ziba@unite.edu.mk   The Faculty of Physical Education and its part, the study program of Physical Education is defined as ...
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Faculty of Business Administration

Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Naser Raimi E-mail: naser.raimi@unite.edu.mk   This faculty is dispersed in Skopje and Kiçevo and has two study programs: ·         Business Administration ·         Public Administration ...
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Faculty of Philosophy

Dean of Faculty, Prof. dr. Fatbi Osmani E-mail: fadbi.osmani@unite.edu.mk   The study programs of Faculty of Philosophy are designed according to the principles of the Bologna System. ...
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Faculty of Philology

  Dean of Faculty, Doc. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani E-mail: fatmir.sulejmani@unite.edu.mk   At the Faculty of Philology are being studied the languages, literature and national and foreign cultures. Faculty of Philology ...
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Faculty of Law

  Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi  E-mail: ferat.polisi@unite.edu.mk   Faculty of Law, as an academic unit of higher education, is open for all students who wish to ...
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Faculty of Economics

  Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili E-mail: raman.ismaili@unite.edu.mk   In the Faculty of economics the studies are organized according to the model 3+2 and 4+1. What does the Faculty ...
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Tetova State University
image   At the premises of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tetova today
image   At the University of Tetova, on February 19, 2018, was promoted the book titled
image   The AAB College, in partnership with the University of Tetova, “Ismail Qemali” University in
image   With the visit to the Historical Museum of the University of Tetova in the
image   The Chinese prominent albanologist, a professor at the Faculty of Languages at Beijing University