Faculty of Law


Dean of Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi

 E-mail: ferat.polisi@unite.edu.mk


Faculty of Law, as an academic unit of higher education, is open for all students who wish to study. Faculty of Law organizes studies according to 3 +2 model.


The mission of this faculty is that the future law graduates professionalized in the Faculty of Law will be able to take positions and get job positions in jurisprudence, i.e. judiciary, public prosecution, advocacy, public administration, in various government institutions and in the private sector.


This faculty’s aim is:

·         knowledge, science and the education of younger generations;

·         enabling the students to  make a critical judgment and think analytically;

·         student's ability to express himself freely and think more wider.  



First cycle

(VI semesters, 180 ECTS)



·         Judicial orientation  

Dispersed studies-Skopje

Dispersed studies-Kiçevo 


Bachelor of Law, judicial orientation

b) Administration orientation  

Bachelor of Law, orientation of Administrative Law 

c) International law and International relations

Dispersed studies-Skopje

Bachelor of Law, International relations orientation


Dispersed studies of Journalism-Skopje 


Bachelor of media and print media

·         Political studies-Skopje

Bachelor of Law, political sciences orientation  




Second cycle



One-year system-II semesters 60 ECTS


Civil law

Criminal law


Master’s degree in Law + module name

Two-year system-IV semesters 120 ECTS

Judicial orientation

Administration orientation

International law and International relations


Master’s degree in Law + module name

International Relations (Human Rights)

Organized in the framework of Tempus Project 144787, in English

60 and 120 ECTS


Master’s degree in International relations + module name


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