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In SUT was held a scientific forum against violence


In the amphitheatre of the Faculty of Law of SUT, on Thursday (Nov 07, 2013) was held a scientific debate titled “Stop Violence”, more as precaution measure of violence among youngsters, in particular among school students, that recently has gathered a lot more momentum in Macedonia.

This forum was organized by the non-governmental organization "Stretch out your hand", whose primary commitment is to find understanding among people and prevent violence between them, any kind of violence, but particularly violence among young people, who are the most vulnerable part of society, who fall prey to certain situations. "Stretch out your hand" NGO’s focus is the identification of some of society's most pressing problems.

During this tribune that was organized in the premises of the Faculty of Faculty, the organizers, but also the SUT professors, especially from the Faculty of Law, such as Doc. Dr. Bekim Kadriu, lecturer and MSc Faton Shabani, teaching assistant and ECTS coordinator in the Faculty of Law.


In this forum, with their papers on this phenomenon were presented professors of the Department of Sociology of Faculty of Philosophy, Doc. Dr. Ibish Kadriu and Doc. Dr. Abdylnaser Sinani. The violence and its consequences were treated in different dimensions, revealing the data on multidimensional effects which cause violence in different social environments. According to lecturers, the most affected group by this phenomenon, treated in a special way, were the youth, because as it was said, they are the part of society that mostly express the aggressiveness and violence, especially in open social areas. 

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