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International projects Erasmus Plus, Mevlana and Joint Penta were presented in SUT


In the State University of Tetova, in the presence of students and the academic staff of the Faculty of Philology, Philosophy, Law and Economics were presented the international projects for the exchange of students and the academic staff. Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku emphasized that the projects like Erasmus Plus, Mevlana and Joint Penta, are very important for the students, because they have the opportunity to enhance their professional development. He said that the internationalization of the university remains one of the key points, creating productive partnerships with many domestic and international universities.

Erasmus Plus Project Coordinator, Shpresa Ademi said that this project is an educational, training, youth and sports program, funded by the European Union, implemented by the European Council.

According to her, "the State University of Tetova in March 2013, has applied for obtaining a Charter (permit) for Erasmus plus and, after the evaluation, it has been given the right to participate in ERASMUS + for the first pillar of action KA1" said the Erasmus + coordinator in SUT, Shpresa Ademi.

Mevlana Project Coordinator, Hatibe Deari-Zeqiri said that the purpose of Mevlana Program is to enable the exchange of students and the academic staff between higher education institutions from Turkey and the Balkan countries. "Unlike other exchange programs, Mevlana Program includes all institutions of higher education, regardless of their region, and contributes to the internationalization of higher education. Through cultural interaction it contributes in raising the awareness and tolerance, regardless their cultural, religious and ethnic differences", said MSc. Hatibe Deari-Zeqiri, Mevlana Project Coordinator in SUT.

Joint PENTA Project Coordinator, Doc. dr. Florim Ajdini said that, "This project enables participation, exchange and cooperation networking within the Transnational Alliance for internationalization of higher education. The motto of this project is: “Let’s join the great project of Erasmus Mundus scheme for mobility of the academic community in SUT, towards prestigious European universities, with PENTA Program”, said Joint Penta Coordinator, Doc. Dr. Florim Ajdini.   


The presentation of said projects in SUT will be carried out in other faculties of the University in the following days. 

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