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University of Tetova promoted the senior undergraduates of the generation 2016/17


About one thousand senior undergraduates of the generation 2016/2017, from different study programs of all faculties of the University of Tetova, today celebrated the end of their studies. On this occasion, University of Tetova at the Rectorate’s court organized the cap throwing solemn ceremony, a manifestation that marks one of the most impressive events in the educational and scientific activity of the UT. Senior undergraduates together with parents, family members, professors, university leadership, colleagues and their friends, after their long journey celebrated the end of their studies, by fulfilling successfully their dream of university education.

This event was declared open by the Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku, “It is a special honor and privilege for me to declare open the graduation ceremony of the generation 2016/2017, of wonderful students of the University of Tetova, who make this very special day for us all beautiful. Dear seniors, as I see you today, happy and smiling, solemn and with parents and family members beside you, in my memory, the film sequences of my past as a student of this University are appearing in retrospect, which are so pleasant and  so painful. We, the first generation and the others so on, until the officialization of the university, we had the bad luck to experience all the political turbulences of the beginning of pluralism, accompanied by state repression, questioning by the police, facing the Hamlet’s dilemma “to be or not to be”, difficult infrastructure conditions, studying in the capsule, without travelling outside even for a single day, just to see a European university, and so on. While your generation not only did not experience these but you were partners in building the University, you have had excellent infrastructure conditions, you enjoyed the freedom of expression, the professors you had were like your parents and most important, that we haven’t dreamed but you celebrate with pride and dignity the day of your graduation, in a great atmosphere and performance, together with your rector, your parents, your relatives, your colleagues and other important political and social figures. Despite the fact that the time of studies is over, the most beautiful stage of your life, do not keep down your head, but feel proud, because many of the most important challenges are waiting for you. You are the lions of this people, road builders of the future for all of us, the society expects from you, engage with your flesh and soul to your profession, do not embarrass yourself, make your parents feel proud of you, because they have shared the everyday bread for you, for this day, make University feel proud of you, love it as the most expensive thing, because for this University blood was shed, sacrifice was given and in no way should we allow it to be the target of anyone's macabre goals”, said Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku.

The cap throwing ceremony of senior undergraduates of the University of Tetova was attended by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia.  

On his behalf and on behalf of the institution he leads, he expressed gratitude for all those who contributed for the support and protection of the University of Tetova. According to him, this institution remains the symbol of sacrifice of Albanian people over the years. “On behalf of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, in my personal name, on behalf of all those members of parliament who formally rounded up the formalization of this national symbol, I cordially congratulate you by wishing your families a long life, further dedication for your intellectual growth due to the fact that your academic process does not end with this day.  In this day you have just finished your obligations towards professors, but your challenges from now are developing and expanding further in your future life. You are one of the generations that will carry on your shoulder all the social, political and economic activity of our country and our people. Today, we are here, not in front of a building as a material, today we have gathered in front of the symbol of the sacrifice of the Albanian people over the years, among generations, in order to overcome the long-standing need for education in native language. It is a symbol of the fact that it is set up, not only from concrete, the foundation is over the blood of all of those who gave their lives for our people and our nation. It is an institution that is open to all those who wish to study at this university, once, as the Vice-Rector also said that was declared as newborn dead baby, but today, the University of Tetova has been raised in a large family, that with this number and among generations is only increasing. So at the end, dear students, I wish you further success in your work, in your life and first of all, health and happiness in your families who are the main supporters of your achievements up to here and your future goals”, said the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi.

President of UT Student Parliament, Donika Kamberi, said that none of the students of this university can ever forget this giant work of the Albanian nation, where many generations are equipped with knowledge. "23 years ago, our education well-wishers established a university and today when we look around, everything has a reflection, this university managed to engage our collective consciousness, since that today’s public is of all ages. I ask you to return in a retrospect and ask yourself the question: What would happen if we did not have the University of Tetova? I have a sincere answer. All of us would be servants of evil, lost in the tsunami of ignorance. Dear participants, I almost managed to convey to you a picture how our lives would look like without this University and I saw that you confirmed with yes, so we are thankful and grateful to the founders and the first Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani and all the followers who work with dignity and goodwill. You obviously will not remember what I said here, but you cannot forget the giant work you have in front of you. The whole life is a cause, but personally I have my cause connected to UT.

Not coincidentally my motto was "one cause, one future”, that is not written, but we are all together in the process of writing it and 1 UT, undoubtedly is one and the first, the nucleus of the nation, the best defender. Therefore, dear students, as long as we are alive and breathing, it belongs to every one of us to protect it from any attack and to dedicate ourselves with devotion of the great task that awaits us ahead”, said President of Student Parliament of UT, Donika Kamberi.

In this ceremony, on behalf of all senior students, the participants were addressed with welcoming words by the most prominent senior student at the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Andi Saduallai. “I have the privilege and the special pleasure to address you today on this day of the celebration of successful completion of this journey. Journey full of efforts and tireless work for all of us. Today together we enjoy ending the most important challenge in our lives. This journey has been challenging and motivating for all of us, but above all a life experience that has prepared us for the next challenges. Every success in life results from tireless work and the courage to challenge ourselves, but it is impossible without the support of the most beloved people. First of all, I thank my wonderful family for the sacrifice, unsparing support, guidance on the path of knowledge, and patience and love to motivate me even in the most difficult moments. At the same time, I am sure that all of your parents and families, who are here today, have given and are giving everything from themselves to support your descendants in the bright way of knowledge. For this we cannot thank you enough”, said the prominent senior students, Andi Sadullai.

The senior students were also awarded Certificates by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, who after giving them, addressed the seniors and their families a welcoming words. He said that the University of Tetova, since the first day of its establishment, had the primary goal of awareness, education, emancipation and social progress. "Universities are the main promoters of society. They influence its development, both economically and spiritually. They make the population aware of the importance of education, direct it to the path of the nation and the Lord, and shape the new generations for a better future, to be self-sufficient, to love peace and freedom. The University of Tetova, on the first day of its founding, has had its primary goal: awareness, education, emancipation and social progress. However, this road was not easy at all, neither then, nor today. Even when social devotion is required, the fulfillment of this will, the shed blood, collective sacrifice, no day easy is an easy one, because on our backs weighs the historical burden of the past, the permanent commitment of the present and the outlook of the future.

Raising a university out of nothing, building it and making it competitive in the country, the region, and beyond, can only come from the courageous peoples. And such was the Albanian people, the best example of love for knowledge, education and emancipation. And what would I be like the rector of this University if I did not live for so many years with this ideal? What would all these professors do? These intellectuals?

Nothing but empty shades of time, vague figures in space, unnamed people. All of us jointly outlined the University building platform, created satisfactory infrastructural conditions, necessary for a normal educational and scientific process, renewed the membership in the Association of European Universities and the Magna Card Consortium, blocked as a result of unpleasant developments at different stages of University history, we gave a good start to the internationalization process, we created a network of university partners from the most developed countries in Europe and the US, we established international journals in each faculty separately, organized conferences, congresses, symposia, debates, lectures with professors from all over the world, we improved the classical curricula, based on the best international practices, remodeled the master's degree in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and, for the first time in university history, we accredited the doctoral studies", said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

He also said that, for a short time, due to collective engagement, we locate and then step by step we cured some of the University's long-lasting wounds, based on meritocracy and individual educational and scientific value of everyone, and by promoting academic freedom and university autonomy, we managed to break the traditional myth of the functioning of the university administration, where students should not wait for years to get their deserved diplomas or have access to the professor, dean and the rector. Once and for all, everyone must understand that the pivot of our society is the student, the youth, the new coming blood. Honored seniors, my focus, the focus of all academic and administrative-technical staff has been the improvement of conditions, facilitation of your needs, opening of new paths, advancing your studies, and generous support for any problem you may have encountered.

Given the heavy financial situation of many of our families, children of martyrs, war invalids, orphans and poor, we have saved for each semester and academic year by ourselves and with a special decision we have exempted them from tuition fees, with the only intention that these layers of society can be educated and fully integrated into society. Four years ago, we designed the excellent students’ program by giving scholarships to three categories of students: student payment exempt, who would complete the academic year with a total grade point average of 9.50, free study in the second cycle for students who will complete undergraduate studies with a GPA of 9.80 and study abroad, with full coverage of studies from the University of Tetova budget, for students who will complete their studies with a GPA of 10.00.

Up to 1000 students from all three categories have benefited so far and we will continue this trend in the future so that we can be closer to our children and contribute to their professionalism. Perhaps a considerable number of yours, who today stand proud in front of your University, have been part of the international Erasmus student exchange, where our University delegates about 30 students per semester at the most prestigious universities in Europe such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, etc., and bring international experiences and corpuses of different cultural values and experiences", said Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

The Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, at the conclusion of his speech, thanked all the seniors and their parents who supported them during the studies and at the same time vowed that no force could stop it in this noble mission. "In the past, our university has not been able to organize such graduation ceremonies due to the problems it has faced, necessary for student sentiment, but in 2013 the conditions were met and you are the fifth generation, That you experience this event so important to you, your families and to all of us. This year, in front of you, we have absolutes of various profiles, such as doctors, engineers, historians, pedagogues, psychologists, lawyers, economists, linguists who together with their parents, family and professors celebrate the success achieved with effort and sacrifice.

My thanks are the smallest thing I can say for parents, professors, foundations, various donors, however, I, on behalf of the University of Tetova, express the deepest gratitude to all of you who contributed to the functioning of this University and education of your sons and daughters. Finally, I say that all that we have done together is not enough. Not for a single moment should we stop acting, so that our humble people can enjoy the need for education, freedom and democracy. And today, here in front of you, I publicly vow that there will be no force on earth that may stop me in this noble mission, moreover, when we have a new government that understands best of all the necessity of education, culture and European values.


Honored seniors, today, You end up an important segment of your life, and maybe you may feel sorry to break away from your university where you spent the last four years experiencing the thrills and joys of your youthful life, however, we have already established a network of University of Tetova Alumni, to keep your feelings alive, but also to contribute together to the overall development of the University. The University of Tetova is your home, its doors are always open to you, so you never hesitate to visit us. God bless the University of Tetova! May God bless you, your families and the entire Albanian people!" added Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti. The graduation ceremony ended with the throwing of hats, accompanied by the artistic program prepared by professors of the Faculty of Arts: Selami Kolonja, Bajramali Idrizi and Chorus of University of Tetova. 

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