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Candidate for Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti presented the program platform for the next four-year mandate


The candidate for Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, today in front of the academic staff, administrative staff and students, presented his program platform for the next four-year mandate. During the presentation, he revealed details of the program, the educational - scientific strategy, as well as the vision for the further development and advancement of the University of Tetova.

He said the focus on the future remains his top priority. "Our strategy in the upcoming mandate will consist in advancing academic and professional values, stimulating academic staff and excellent students, creating a world-class teaching and scientific environment, consolidating the University and all academic units, such as infrastructure, academic and professional aspect. Supporting the creative process of our academic and student class, but also of the wider community, the protection of Albanian language and writing in UT with the decision of the Rector’s Office and the Senate, promotion of Albanian language, culture and civilization, but also ethnic diversity in the Republic of Macedonia, the translation and inauguration of works of social and national interest, the international networking of the university, the increase of funds through research, scientific projects and professional services, the provision of research and experimental laboratories, the indexing of magazines in internationally recognized databases, programs based on market economy demand and long-term strategies for a sustainable university and is resistant to changes and social challenges, cultivating ethical values, equality, integrity, tolerance and social responsibility, with the aim of forming students as a trait Engaging active participants in multicultural society, improving the quality and efficiency of official internal communication, continuous monitoring of the quality of the teaching process, strengthening and further enhancement of student practice, permanent evaluation of academic and administrative staff, student evaluation who have graduated from UT and who are employed in state-owned, private and leading companies, as well as new employment, starting from technical and professional workers, assistants and teachers", said Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

He also said he would also be committed to the creation of a world-class teaching and scientific environment. "To complement the academic mosaic, many innovations are foreseen, which will greatly improve the life of the academic community of University of Tetova, such as: building a student dormitory with the most contemporary conditions, building a university library, building of the Faculty of Medicine facility, overbuilding of the Dean’s building, the building of the institutes’ facilities, the opening of the university dining facility, the opening of the university library, the building of a kindergarten, the establishment of a television and university radio, the establishment of university philharmonics, the establishment of a journalism studio, the establishment of a weekly university journal, the establishment of a technological park - technology accelerators, the erection of an antique theater, the erection of an improvised court room for students of the Law Faculty, the construction of a stadium with athletics trails, building a swimming pool for student needs and more, as well as building the winner's hall", emphasized Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

He further added that special importance will be paid to the establishment of several faculties, centers, institutes and various cultural-artistic associations and sports. "During the next four- year term, these faculties and study programs will be established, such as: faculty of dentistry, faculty of computer science and computer engineering, faculty of veterinary, energy systems engineering study program, gerontology study program, technology and robotics, as well as the opening of master's programs and doctoral studies in all academic units of the university, the transformation of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital into a university clinic, the establishment of departments at the Faculty of Medicine, such as: preclinical, internistics, surgery and public health.

It is also envisaged the establishment of the University's cultural and artistic association, the establishment of university sports association, the establishment of football, handball, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, wrestling and karate clubs. Also, in order to stimulate the research process, it is also planned to be opened several institutes and scientific laboratories, such as: the long-life study institute, the institute of history, kinesiology, the institute for economic and business research, which will ultimately deal with analyzing the index and economic progress and will develop long-term programs for economic growth in the country, the institute of biotechnology, the food technology institute, the institute of agribusiness and plant production, the institute for plant protection and agricultural techniques, the institute of animal biotechnology, Balkan studies institute, where special focus will be given to the cultivation and promotion of Albanian language, culture and civilization as well as the relationship with other languages ​​and cultures. For a fruitful scientific environment, modern laboratories are needed, along with the 15 laboratories that we have established in the last mandate, for the next mandate we have planned further investments in the establishment of scientific research laboratories, such as criminology laboratory, the mechatronics system laboratory, the control of robotics processes and the biomechanics laboratory of human movements", said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti among others.

According to him, the internationalization of the University has been one of the top priorities of the previous mandate and in this regard excellent results have been achieved taking into account the University's past, but that will continue in the upcoming mandate. "Our goal is to open the paths of a global education that consists in creating a diverse academic and student market, creating special funds for attracting talented professors and students from around the world, internationalizing our curricula and reviewing of all study programs, student practices, in order to enable our students to adapt to the market economy, to maintain a multiethnic structure among professors and students, for the purpose of learning from each other and the disclosure of social prejudices, increase of student quotas for foreign students, continuous stimulation of the mobility of academic staff and student community and their support during post-mobility phase, use of international research funds with our strategic partners, in order our professorship and students gain as much as possible. Particular importance will thus be given to the close cooperation with the embassies of Western states in the country, with the sole purpose of influencing the strengthening of democracy in the country and the improvement of student conditions through the realization of sound university practices", underlined the Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

The candidate for Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, at the same time the current UT Rector, in front of professors and students said that in the next mandate will be paid important respect to collegial, student and statutory and legal regulations, as well as complete harmonization of the University mission with general social needs.


Presentation of the program platform of the candidate for Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, was realized within the process of electing the Rector, in accordance with the decision of the Rector’s Office and the Senate of the University for starting of the procedure for the selection of the Rector of the University of Tetova. In addition to Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, in the contest for UT Rector is also the Professor of Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. Alifeta Selimi, the current Vice Rector for Finance of UT.

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