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UT students prized at the Scientific Conference in Tirana


Second-cycle students of the Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition of the University of Tetova attended the Sixth Student Conference organized on June 14, by the students of the Agricultural University of Tirana. “Encouraging the development of agriculture through better use of agricultural resources - student perspectives”, was the topic of the conference, attended by 118 students from five universities, such as: Agricultural University of Tirana, University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, University of Tirana, University of Tetova and “Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja.

The conference had a competitive nature, where after the presentation of the papers by all the participants, organizers chose the three best papers.

Scientific leaders of this conference were the following professors: Gentjan Çera, Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness; Erta Dodona, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment; Ilir Lloha and Sanka Zejnelhoxha from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food; Ina Vejsiu, Faculty of Forestry Sciences; Eglantina Xhemollari, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.


From the voting of the students and the pedagogues, the first place won the paper titled: “How much genetically modified foods are known by the population of Pollog area”, prepared by the students of the University of Tetova, Durim Alija, Eljesa Ziberi and Amir Alasani. In the second place was the paper titled: “Water quality assessment and biodiversity of Shkumbin River”, prepared by the student of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Environment, Oljan Dervishi, while the third place belonged to the paper titled: “The impact of financial culture on financial decision-making in the city of Tirana”, prepared by the students of the Faculty of Economics and Agribusiness, Bruna Tuzi and Ordiola Saliasi.

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