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University of Tetova celebrated July 4th, Independence Day of the United States of America


University of Tetova, namely the Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication, today celebrated the 241st anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America. In honor of this historic date for the American people, Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication, established by the University of Tetova and Northern Illinois University, organized a scientific debate on the topic: "The impact of US policy on the democratization of the policies and institutions of the Republic of Macedonia”.

Coordinator of the Centre for Peace and Transcultural Communication of the University of Tetova, Ms. Artina Kamberi, at the opening of this debate, stated that the Independence Day of the United States of America was added to the calendar of observed days of our University. “Today, we have one more reason to remember and honor this marked day with scientific, sporting and other activities because we consider the United States of America as an integral part of our past, present and certainly the future. No more than two years ago, University of Tetova probably made one of the most concrete actions, or to say more strategically, signed cooperation agreement with the Northern Illinois University, from where it once again convincingly drew the true path of democracy and that of promoting the American values. University of Tetova proactively and faster than others realized that peace and stability are not luxuries of the time but are its need and an uncontested priority. Centre for Peace and Transcultural Communication as a joint project of these two institutions, is only one segment from which the democratization of national values will be imported, in order to open the great gate of combining of ideas, capacities and cultures. Centre for Peace and Transcultural Communication, in fact once again confirmed the hypothesis that Albanians and Americans have an unmatched synergy and with the support of our ally we can do great things. This moment, perhaps, is the last train that has globalization destination, but with determination we will succeed, we will climb behind him, possibly in the last wagon, but we will not let go it without us”, said Ms. Artina Kamberi.

President of the Euro - Atlantic Council in Macedonia, Ismet Ramadani said that thanks to the contribution and assistance of American and European diplomacy, the Republic of Macedonia managed to pass some difficult moments after its independence. “US diplomacy has always given its political and diplomatic contribution to the Republic of Macedonia, from the beginning of pluralism until today. United States of America has intervened and has had enormous influence on many occasions, but I would like to mention the conflict of 2001, where the US was a guarantor of peace, also recently, in the political crisis that lasted almost two years in the country and again the United States of America played an important role in resolving and overcoming this crisis and here I will dissociate also the commitment of Mrs. Victoria Nuland and Mr. Hoyt Brian Yee", said Ismet Ramadani. 

President of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, Naser Selmani said that with the organization of this debate on the occasion of July 4th, the Independence Day of the United States of America, University of Tetova makes a great gesture in sign of respect and gratitude to the United States of America, for the important role they have played in advancing the Albanian cause in the Republic of Macedonia, since its independence until today. "Countries like Macedonia should never forget the American contribution in the great help that have given in the democratization of society in general. The impact of US policy on democratization of the Republic of Macedonia cannot happen without explaining the US foreign policy measures”, said Naser Selmani.

University professors, Prof. Dr. Mersel Bilalli said that Political leadership in Macedonia, public and private institutions also should take the American policy as a basic model for implementing sound policies. “American policy is built on certain values, no matter who will have the leadership. In our country, we had a power that tried to install a dictatorial system, a system that was contradictory to the American values. I think that the new government should reflect on the principles and values of Western democracy”, said Prof. Dr. Mersel Bilalli. While, Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi said that the Republic of Macedonia is very lucky to have the Albanians and to have the US for its ally. I think our country has two great lucks regarding the influence of US policy on democratization of politics and institutions. First is that the Albanians are part of it and the second is that it has the United States of America for its ally. Russian propaganda in Macedonia is big enough, but it’s always idle vis-à-vis American foreign policy, which at any moment is pragmatic, argumentative and materializing", said Prof. Dr. Veton Latifi.

Professor Doc. Dr. Qashif Bakiu said that in the most difficult moments of Macedonia, American diplomacy has been present and active in ensuring political and economic stability. "Through regular diplomatic staff, but in many cases even sending special representatives, the US has helped Macedonia to overcome the difficulties faced with. Such was the case of 2001, which ended with the Ohrid Agreement, the political crisis since 2014, which led to wiretapped publications generating the political crisis that lasted until 2017 and which ended with the Przhino Agreement. Such were the political crises of 2008, 2011, 2014, which generated early parliamentary elections. In all these cases, US diplomacy with its representatives has been present to facilitate the development of processes and to unlock the crises created in the country. Democracy was born in Europe but effectuated in America”, said Doc. Dr. Qashif Bakiu.

Professor Bashkim Selmani added that the United States of America is the symbol of the world, freedom, democracy and peace-loving politics. "Today, here in the premises of the University of Tetova, in sign of respect for this great day, we have gathered together to celebrate and give the greatest gratitude to the United States that revived and put into effect the freedom, democracy and peace-loving politics in Albanian territories and the Balkans”, said Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani.


Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication, in addition to the scientific debate during the morning, organized a beach volleyball tournament also. This tournament was attended by students of the Faculty of Physical Education, while for the first four places were awarded letters of appreciation. The tournament was attended by a large number of sports enthusiasts, among whom were the Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, Vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, President of UT Student Parliament, Donika Kamberi, deans, senators and students.

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