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UT organizes the International Agriculture Congress


University of Tetova in cooperation with “Nobel” Scientific and Research Center from the Republic of Turkey, from August 15 until August 18, 2017 in Skopje, organize the International Agriculture Congress. At this congress, more than 100 researchers from Macedonia and Turkey participate with their papers.

Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, at the solemn opening, stressed that the purpose of this congress is to discuss and present the results of research and professional work and in this way to enable a better transfer of professional and scientific achievements in the fields of agriculture, food and environment, in terms of sustainable development, establishing long-term cooperation between scholars from our universities, research institutions and specialists from different fields, from the region and beyond.

“Building bridges between biodiversity, poverty reduction and sustainable development of agriculture is an essential issue. The use of nature, exploitation of nature, the quality of a country's environment or more simply, the biodiversity resources of a country are closely related with the economic development. Sustainable development relies on the idea: "Think globally and act locally". The existing potential of natural and professional resources of our region through a strategy for sustainable development, by relying precisely on the symbiosis between science and scientific achievements promises such a thing”, said Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani.

While the Head of “Nobel” Science and Research Center from the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karatash, said that this congress represents an ideal academic platform for researchers, to present the latest discoveries, to describe new technologies and fields of engineering sciences. “This congress aims to introduce new findings from the field of engineering sciences. Congress is one achievement as a result of the international cooperation that we continually cultivate. Therefore, on behalf of this congress and in my personal name, I especially thank Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, Rector of the University of Tetova, for the support of this joint cooperation in an international atmosphere, where are promoted cross-border cooperation and diversity”, said Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karatash.


At this congress, professors from the University of Tetova and the Republic of Turkey will discuss topics from the fields of natural sciences such as: farming, biology, veterinary medicine and agriculture.

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