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At UT were held the entrance exams for the enrollment of new students in several study programs


Within the first term of enrollment for new students of the academic year 2017/2018, at the University of Tetova, on August 19, 2017, were held entrance exams in several study programs. From the total of 13 faculties our University has, the entrance exam was taken by candidates who applied for enrollment in these study programs: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Fine Arts, Music, Dramatic Arts, Physical Activity, Recreation and Health, Sport, Computing in English language, Criminology, Primary Teaching, Preschool Teaching and Architecture.

According to the Head of the Education Office at the University of Tetova, Doc. Dr. Ibrahim Neziri, conducting the entrance examinations in these study programs aims to test candidates about their knowledge, skills and talent that they possess in accordance with the nature of the study program where they want to pursue their studies in the future and develop their professional and academic careers. “After the registration application process, that took place at our University in the period from August 15 -18, 2017, today in some study programs of different faculties we conducted the entrance examination for candidates who applied to enroll as new students at the University of Tetova. These entrance exams aim the qualification of students’ knowledge on study programs they have applied for. A novelty this year is that the study programs of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy were held electronically. Candidates, after completing the testing were able to get acquainted with the result immediately after the exam, to look at the points they have obtained and to look at the wrong answers. This system is implemented for the first time at the University of Tetova and is the only institution that offers this opportunity to students to directly get acquainted with the result of the exam, by providing the students a maximum transparency”, said Doc. Dr. Ibrahim Neziri.

Candidates who entered for examination were very satisfied with the organization of the exam, as well as the transparency shown by the University of Tetova. Preliminary results for the first enrollment will be announced on Monday, August 21, 2017, on the official website of the University of Tetova:



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