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UT students participated in sports competitions in Sarajevo


Students of the Faculty of Physical Education of the University of Tetova, last month participated in the Manifestation "Students’ Cultural and Sports Days”, which was held in Sarajevo. This event was organized by the Center for affirmation of culture and education “Litteratus” and the University of Sarajevo.

Within this manifestation were organized various sports competitions in football, basketball, beach volleyball and chess, in which competed students of the University of Tetova. In this competitions participated more than 50 universities, while in football and basketball, the teams of the University of Tetova won the second place.

The management of the Faculty of Physical Education of UT highly appreciate the inclusion of their faculty at the events of this academic level, where are gathered students and professors from prestigious universities from the region and beyond. They say that University of Tetova, namely the Faculty of Physical Education, besides the successful completion of the teaching-scientific process, is highly committed and gives a valuable contribution to the organization and progress of various sporting activities.


During their stay in Sarajevo, students were led by Prof. Dr. Fadil Nika, Doc. Dr. Kastriot Shaqiri and Doc. Dr. Agim Rexhepi.

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