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Students of Orientalistics in intensive Arabic and Turkish language courses in Turkey


Students of the study program of Oriental Philology (Orientalistics) of the University of Tetova this year during the summer holidays continued the pursuit of intensive courses out of the country. Students of Arabic Language and Literature during the period from July 10 - August 7, 2017, attended the intensive Arabic Language course at the Islamic Academy in Istanbul's Bashakshehir municipality, in Turkey. Within four weeks, students from the University of Tetova learned lessons from well-known lecturers and arabologists.

During the course, the communication has been conducted in Arabic language. For the accommodation, food and transportation of students during the four weeks of stay, took care the educational institutions of the Municipality of Bashakshehir, to which we express our gratitude.

At the end of the course, students were provided with certificates. After completing the course, was prepared a two-day short excursion for the students during which students visited the historical, educational and cultural centers in Istanbul. Students of the direction Turkish Language and Literature during the period of July 24 - August 14, attended the intensive Turkish language course at the Sakarya University. During the three weeks of the course, the students were accommodated in the campus of Sakarya University, with who we have an excellent collaboration. It should be mentioned that the course attended by our students is known as TÖMER, which for Turkish language speakers is equivalent to TOEFL of English language.


In addition to lectures and exercises, part of the program was also the two-day excursion during the weekend. These intensive courses that Orientalistics students from both departments, Arabic and Turkish languages have been pursuing since the establishment of this study program (2009/2010) and are very useful for communication and study abroad.

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