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Albanian youth enrolls at the University of Tetova


At the University of Tetova has begun the second term of registration of students in the academic year 2017/2018. Registration process takes place in all 13 faculties of our University, from today August 29, and will last until September 7, 2017. All interested parties wishing to pursue their studies at the University of Tetova, should have arranged application and registration documents, such as: application form (available in the premises of the University); original transcripts from high school; high school diploma; a certificate from the register of births; certificate of citizenship.

Head of Education Office of UT, PhD Ibrahim Neziri said that after the successful conclusion of the first term, our University will complete the second registration term for student enrollment during the next five days in all study programs of all faculties for which competition has been announced. "We have started from today with the second registration term for student enrollment. After the successful completion of the first registration term, where all our expectations were met, we announced a competition for holding a second registration term. From what is noticeable in this term, it is that the interest of the candidates for enrollment in our University is satisfactory. We believe that until September 4, the interest of applicants will be even greater and we will meet our objectives. On September 5, we will undergo the entrance examination for candidates who have applied for enrollment in directions that have entrance examination. While on September 6, from 8:30 in the morning, the preliminary results will be published on the website of the University www.unite.edu.mk. We appeal to all Albanian youth to enroll in our University, and to develop their academic career at this university”, said PhD Ibrahim Neziri.

For all study programs in which vacancies may remain, University of Tetova will announce the third term of registration for those vacancies. 

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