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Volleyball Club of the “University of Tetova” competes in Macedonian 1st volleyball league


Macedonian 1st volleyball league for men this year compete the Volleyball Club of the "University of Tetova", founded by our university. A year ago, the University of Tetova, with the same name, also founded the Women's Volleyball Club, which for the second year in a row is part of Macedonian 1st volleyball league.

Men's Volleyball Club of the University of Tetova is directed by the manager, Professor Namikqemal Mustafa, and his assistant, Mr. Sc. Dardan Dehari. They, as a young team the first champion match played with VC "Vardari", but the manager of the VC of the "University of Tetova" said that, for the beginning the team has made the proper preparations and it will take some time for the boy’s team to adapt to the club, since most players are young. "Our first team will participate in this league with the name VC of the" University of Tetova ". Preparations, as a team we started during the spring season, sometime in May, with a break during the summer break and these two months, in September and October we worked and I believe that in the near future with the work of all together we will achieve our goals that we have as a club”, said the manager of the VC “University of Tetova”, Namikqemal Mustafa.

Assistant coach, Mr. Sc. Dardan Dehari believes that VC  of the “University of Tetova" has all the capabilities and opportunities to oppose any opponent in the league, adding that in the near future this club will climb to the highest pedestal. "We will challenge any team that competes with us in the first league. In sports everything is relative, I think as a team, both in experience and in age they are very young, but this shows a greater lifespan and I think that very soon we will climb to the highest pedestal”, said Mr. Sc. Dardan Dehari.

While the captain of the team, Hamza Vejseli is optimistic that until the end of the championship, their team will fight for a good position in the tabular rankings of volleyball clubs. "I want to thank the University of Tetova and the Rector Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti that enabled all of us to take a breathing step that will bring us new results and I think we are prepared and I think we are prepared since the team is with new players and some of them are with fewer experience. However, in every match that we will play our goal will be to have a victory”, said the captain, Hamza Vejseli.

In the new men's volleyball championship of Macedonia, competes 9 teams, VC “University of Tetova”, “Strumica”, “Vesna” from Probishtip, “Vardari”, “Studenti” from Shtip, VC “Leshok”,  “Liria”, “Shutova” and ,"Borec”.


As well, Women’s Volleyball Club of the “University of Tetova” As well, this year in the first league of this category, in the third week of the fall season 2017/2018 marked the upcoming victory, where in the city of Strumica, Tetovo students beat the team, "Makedonia Maks", with a maximum score of 0-3 in sets. After three runs held in the 1st Macedonian women’s volleyball league for, Women’s Volleyball Club of the "University of Tetova", under the management of Professor Laureta Abazi has earned the maximum of 9 points and stays in the first place.

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