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Renowned violinist Shkëlzen Doli visited the University of Tetova


The renowned violinist Shkëlzen Doli, a member of the Vienna Philharmonic and one of the most renowned Albanian artists, on November 10, 2017 visited the University of Tetova, namely the Faculty of Fine Arts. At UT the violinist Shkëlzen Doli was welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof. Dr. Miftar Memeti, Vice-Dean for Science, Doc. Dr. Fatos Lumani and Head Music study program, Prof. Dr. Bajramali Idrizi.

Leaders of the Faculty of Fine Arts thanked our national artist for visiting the University of Tetova and expressed the most sincere fraternal congratulations of our professors and students. They emphasized that it’s an honor for our institution to host the most famous Albanian violinist in the international arena, the violinist of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic, who with his talent and work has contributed for the pearls of the Albanian music to be heard in contemporary art scenes around the world.

In the meanwhile Shkëlzen Doli was pleased with the warm reception at the University of Tetova that according to him constitutes the hearth of Albanian education, science and culture, which prepares future staff and talents, worthy to introduce our artistic values in front of the public of the region and the world.

During his visit at the University of Tetova, in front of the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, held a contemporary lecture titled "Master Klas" where he presented his experiences during his artistic journey, brought the most advanced practices for the cultivation of contemporary art, and not forgetting the artistic values of Albanian music. According to Shkëlzen Doli, Albanians have musical diversity, Albanian songs are very beautiful, but in his case is the longing that causes him to hear more often, which keeps the artist’s relationship alive with the Albanian music.

His visit at the UT, the Albanian member of the Vienna Philharmonic ended with the willingness and readiness to continue the cooperation with professors and students of Faculty of Fine Arts of UT and engage in joint artistic projects in the future.

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