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Medical students of UT, administered free checkups for citizens in the World Diabetes Day


On the occasion of November 14th - World Diabetes Day, the Scientific group of Student Parliament of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova, with the support of UT’s Student Parliament in Illyria Square in Tetovo organized an awareness campaign against this widespread disease of the time.

According to the President of this Scientific Group, Fatbardha Skenderi, the purpose of this activity is to raise people’s awareness of this new millennium disease, which has overwhelmed the Polog region as well as the whole world. “The occurrence of cases of diabetes, whether acquired or inherited, is increasing more and more each day, therefore the purpose of this organization is to inform citizens about the risks and complications they may get as a result of diabetes and how to prevent them”, said Ms. Skenderi, who announced that at the checkup points, they take general data - anamnesis, blood pressure measurement, and blood sugar measurement.

The activity of students was visited by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, who expressed his pleasure for this activity of students, who said that with the distribution of brochures and medical checkups we increase the awareness of citizens and institutions which should invest more in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, namely the Ministry of Health should have a proper strategy for the development of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the development of clinical hospitals, as he said, Macedonia ranks among the countries with the highest percentage of diabetic patients. "Based on the data, around 210 thousand citizens of Macedonia suffer from diabetes, i.e. about 10-11% of our population suffers from diabetes type 1 or 2. Therefore make an appeal to the institutions, namely to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, to the legislature also to approve genuine, more modern laws, to invest more in the Ministry of Health, in education, to raise the awareness of our population to have a more healthy population in the near future”, said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

During the day, students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences conducted hundreds of free checkups, part of the fight against diabetes disease, while citizens were given leaflets about diabetes and its prevention.

Members of the Scientific Group of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, this time, on the occasion of this day, did a very interesting and interactive activity, where students in cooperation with the citizens apply the idea "Change a cigarette for an apple" as a symbolic sign of this campaign for the World Diabetes Day.

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