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UT’s Faculty of Medicine completed the awareness campaign against the spreading of diabetes


The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova, has paid due attention to November 14 - International Day of Diabetes, both through awareness campaign, and by holding lectures on diabetes as one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in our society. In the program of sensitizing activities, on November 15, 2017, at the Faculty of Medicine of UT, Prof. dr. Dr. Lutfi Zylbeari and Dr. Spec. Beqir Mahmudi, in front of their students and their professors, lectured on the correlation between diabetes and pregnancy, as well as pre-diabetes and early development. 

In their lectures, professors informed the participants about the preventative measures against the spread of diabetes, such as healthy nutrition, physical activity, maintaining body weight at the normal scale, and avoiding the use of tobacco, which prevents or prolongs the appearance of diabetes. Prof. Dr. Lutfi Zylbeari, following his speech, appealed to "raise awareness, especially among women, as well as health professionals on the role and harmful effects of diabetes in pregnant women; early discovery of gestational diabetes; conduct frequent visits to the GP for testing of glycemia, HbA1c.proteinuiria, C-cystatin, microalbuminuria, blood urea, electrolytes etc; to do physical activities to spend the body energy in order to reduce the level of blood glucose and as the most preferred during pregnancy are: swimming, slow running and walking", said Professor Lutfi Zylbeari.

He also gave other advices, such as diets and food, emphasizing the avoidance of food with high glycemic carbohydrate content, more frequent meals with as little salt as possible, fruit consumption and vegetables and consumption of 2-3 liters of water per day. Meanwhile, Dr. Spec. Beqir Mahmudi focused on the problems of patients with parasites, who, as he said, should work to detect diabetes as early as possible to slow down the development of the complications that this disease causes in this group of people.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Bexheti, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, assessed that the lectures provide a clear contribution and message to the general public and patients to be careful about the non-appearance of diabetes among them.

"With the lectures of our professors, we are now crowning the activities for marking the World Diabetes Day, and I think the lectures are a clear message to the public, our citizens and patients, what are the doctors' suggestions for diabetes prevention and for patients suffering from this disease to follow the recommendations of doctors to keep under control of this dangerous disease", said the dean, Prof. Dr. Nasir Bexheti. This year, November 14 - The International Day of Diabetes was marked under the slogan "Our Right to a Healthy Future", proclaimed by the World Health Organization.

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