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The Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova organized the 4th International Scientific Conference


“Security Challenges and Universal Standards in the Euro-Atlantic Integration Process” was the topic of the 4th   conference organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Tetova.

 The conference was declared opened by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, who emphasized that through the organization of this International Scientific Conference and with the participation of renowned scientists and researchers of legal issues, our University aims to provide its assistance and contribution to face with the security challenges, which are the key factor for the advancement of European integrations. Our region, in the recent decades has been accompanied by instability, insecurity and horrible ethnic conflicts. Such situations and the stagnation of Euro-Atlantic integration processes in the Western Balkan region have produced insecurity for citizens, a decline in foreign investment in local economies and obvious uncertainties about the future. In this regard, everyone's contribution is needed, but first of all of the capable cadres, experts of relevant fields, to adequately promote the European and pro-Western ideas, to work constantly to reach the universal values, where security, peace, tolerance and genuine democracy are promoted”, said the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

Among many participants, present in this conference was the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Macedonia, Prof. Dr. Agim Nuhiu. In his thematic lecture, he emphasized that the security system is one of the most important postulates of the existence of the state. “For me, there is no doubt that security challenges and the establishment of universal values and standards in the security and defense system, most likely, is one of the most sensitive challenges which Europe is facing and in general the Euro-Atlantic integration process that our country and the Balkans are streaming”, said Prof. Dr. Agim Nuhiu.

Regarding the organization in general and the purpose of the conference, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi, emphasized that this conference insists on the stimulation of academic writing of new researchers, as well as creating a common environment for stimulating the academic debates. “I consider that scientific papers will be observed from an international and global perspective, the conference welcomes the participation of scientists and researchers from the region and beyond. The purpose of the conference is to contribute to the jurisprudence disciplines, as well as to analyze and evaluate the interaction with life sciences in general”, said Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi.

The coordinator of the conference, Prof. Dr. Naser Ademi emphasized that the conference focuses not only on bringing a scientific project, but also to cultivate and develop the contemporary scientific thinking. "This conference has an international editorial board, comprised of academic researchers from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, France, Austria etc., by gathering today in Tetovo a considerable number of scholars in the field of justice, security and criminology, political sciences, journalism, juridical sociology, and so on.

The topics in this Conference refer to contemporary professional and scientific evaluations, by making it an integral part of national and international scientific area”, said Prof. Dr. Naser Ademi.


At today's conference were also promoted issues VII and VIII of the international scientific journal of the Faculty of Law called “Justicia”.

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