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University of Tetova marked the 109th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir


With a solemn academy, today at the University of Tetova was celebrated the 109th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, known among Albanians as the Alphabet Day. At the solemn opening of this academy, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani said that the path of the Albanian alphabet has been long and difficult. "Choosing a single alphabet for writing the Albanian language challenged the anarchy of the alphabets used on the eve of the Congress of Manastir, making the language an element that seriously jeopardized its existence.

That was the last moment to understand that disintegration of language meant disintegration of ethnicity. Seen from the present-day distance, it should be said that the Congress of Alphabet of the Albanian language represents one of the great historical and cultural victories that our nation has harvested. Without it, we would not have even today's standard of language that, despite the remarks that could be made, brought us to where we are now as a single nation, by challenging strongly through ALBANIAN LANGUAGE, the tragic divisions that others did to us. In the end, let me in my name, and in the name of Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Amet, who is not present here and who entrusted me with the organization of this academy, to wish you a happy Albanian Alphabet Day - 22 November”, said Prof. Dr. Fatmir Sulejmani.

For the literary significance of the Congress of Manastir, Doc. Dr. Zejnepe Alili Rexhepi presented a paper, who said that with the establishment of the Alphabet of Manastir, Albanians showed that a knowledge loving nation approaches the civilized world. "The journey of letters was really hard, beyond a human calvary. This difficult journey once was traveled also by: Buzuku, Matrënga, Bardhi, Budi, Bogdani and others ... and their numerous challenges were crowned with linguistic and multidimensional values. We owe the present achievements to the efforts of these ancestors of our. Linguistic and cultural values ​​were cultivated and carried forward for centuries by Albanian intellectuals who, even in circumstances of foreign domination, were the source of inspiration for generations of the national cause. "Homeland", "language", "flag", and the ideal of "freedom", remained the motto of patriots chasing the centuries-old dream, which becomes a reality after the Congress of Alphabet in 1912, with the birth of the Albanian Independent State and nearly one century later, the Independence of Kosovo", said Doc. Dr. Zejnepe Alili Rexhepi.

As for the linguistic significance of the Congress of Manastir spoke Doc. Dr. Berton Sulejmani, according to which the Congress of Manastir was of great importance not only for the alphabet and for the national literary language, for education and culture, but also for the Albanian National Movement in general. "It is fair to say that after the Albanian League of Prizren, this is the assembly that brought Albanians from all regions of our country together, from Albanian persistence and others, giving the first signal to the national independence of the Albanian people. Also, for the first time in our history, it opened the way for congresses to discuss major issues of our culture. The letters of the Albanian language are borrowed from the Latin alphabet, but the writing system and the graphical system of the Albanian has some features that somewhat give it a sui generis character" said Doc. Dr. Berton Sulejmani.


This solemn academy was also enriched with an artistic program, prepared by students of the Department of Albanian Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology and students of the Department of Music of the Faculty of Arts of our University. 

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