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University of Tetova and “Haxhi Zeka” University from the Republic of Kosovo organized the 2nd Scientific Conference


Faculty of Economics of the University of Tetova and the Faculty of Business of "Haxhi Zeka" University from the Republic of Kosovo, on November 17, 2017, organized the second Scientific Conference on: “Government Policies and Economic Development – South-East Europe Region”. This conference was attended by well-known researchers, scientific employees and professors from respective universities. The realization of the conference, organization of activities of scientific character from universities in Albanian language from Macedonia and Kosovo, are clear evidence that, even though divided by borders, we are united in science, art, studies and research, teaching and learning, tradition, culture, values and emotions, was said at the beginning of the proceedings of this scientific meeting.

On behalf of the University of Tetova, respectively the Faculty of Economics, participants were welcomed by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Rahman Ismaili, who considered that the organization of this joint conference has a special importance in creating a tradition of academic and scientific cooperation between the educational institutions of both countries.

“This scientific conference not accidentally holds this designation, as it aims to create an academic and scientific platform that, with all its academic and intellectual capacity will be available to find and provide appropriate and applicable alternatives in order to more efficiently canalize and orient the governmental precautions in order to promote a more intensive economic and social development in general. I feel honored to be in the presence of many quality researches, from different generations who possess the scientific capacity and intellectual courage to challenge the  reality, tending to build a national economy that will provide prosperity to all citizens of our two countries”, said Prof. Dr. Rahman Ismaili.

In his speech he also said that although with different development routes, Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Kosovo today are faced with numerous challenges that directly affect the functionality of the economic and social system in general. “This gathering today has assumed an extraordinary responsibility since the topic of this conference is “Government Policies and Economic Development – South-East Europe Region” a topic that involves a complexity of problems that can be studied and analyzed only in a multidimensional form and approach. Although fully aware of the importance of government policies in promoting growth and economic development, it should be mentioned the importance of the human element as the bearer of creativity, new ideas and above all the entrepreneurial courage, as an element of special importance in the contemporary world. The primary aim of papers that will be presented today by honored colleagues is not only to provide a professional description of the current situation but rather to critically evaluate the government policies and economic development in the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. This, not for the purpose of identifying actual shortcomings, but in the contrary, to avoid the probability that similar shortcomings will occur even in the future periods. To the last, when it comes to government policies and economic development in Southeast Europe, it is not difficult to identify shortcomings. However, it needs a meeting like this is one today, a unification of ideas, approaches and thoughts to identify opportunities to build government policies that will directly target the most productive sectors of national economies. Of course, this requires many analyzes but, above all, facing the reality, because it is necessary to build governmental economic policies that are based on the needs of national economy contenders”, said the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Rahman Ismaili.

The second scientific conference whose main topic was the discussion of government policy and economic development, among other things, draw conclusions that the Republic of Macedonia, in particular the Republic of Kosovo, have advanced in the building of their national economies, although with different rates and under different circumstances.


University of Tetova has organized tens of conferences, activities, and scientific gatherings so far, in cooperation with other public and private universities from the Republic of Kosovo and the region. 

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