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Happy November 28, The Flag Day!


On behalf of the University of Tetova, allow me to extend to all Albanians my heartfelt congratulation on the occasion of 28 November, Albania's Independence Day!

The Declaration of Independence is the most important event of our national history. It was the culmination of a century-long struggle of our people for freedom and independence.

Under the Red and Black Flag, it were our ancestors who with great sacrifices managed to pave the future of the Albanian nation.

November 28, 1912 opened a new stage in the history of the Albanian people, making our nation an important factor of stability, pro-western oriented and worthy to aspire to Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Glory to the martyrs of the nation!

Happy November 28, The Independence Day!

 God bless Albanians!


Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti


Rector of the University of Tetova

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