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UT students debated on the new Law on Higher Education in Macedonia


Student Parliament of the University of Tetova in cooperation with Democracy Lab and USAID organized a debate on the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Macedonia, the Shanghai List, including the effects, advantages and disadvantages of this list.

ECTS Coordinator in the University of Tetova, Doc. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti said that this initiative of students is to be welcomed, and that in the Law on Higher Education should be involved the students together with the academic community. "Today, we discussed with students the possibilities that emerge from analyzes that are current in many European countries, as well as for innovations brought forward by the Bologna system, which we as signatories should implement them. We will directly deal with the analysis of the implications of the Law on Higher Education, in particular with the component regarding the ranking of universities. Students discussed about the experiences that are very positive in other countries, with the possibility of incorporating them into future legal changes that will be foreseen. It is a very significant initiative by students that we as an academic community will be involved in this process and this is to be welcomed”, said Doc. Dr. Kushtrim Ahmeti.

The President of the Student Parliament of the University of Tetova, Donika Kamberi, said that this debate aims the involvement of students in the changes in the Law on Higher Education. The Student Parliament, together with Democracy Lab and with USAID funds, is implementing a project for awareness of the population and society for the Law on Higher Education and the Shanghai List, namely the ranking of universities. We think that the ranking and the Law on Higher Education, as well as the topics that are treated there, are always coherent and controversial until anything other than change is justified. With this student plenum we organized this panel discussion, with the purpose to precede the adoption of the Law on Higher Education, as it is in a discussion phase”, said the President of the Student Parliament, Donika Kamberi.

Erblin Mustafi, student of the Faculty of Law said that the law should make distinctions between public and private universities, according to him, the Shanghai List in most cases ranked private universities higher than public ones, since the rating for university rankings has been made with political directives not with proper evaluation criteria.

Whereas, Merita Ahmeti, student of  the Faculty of Law also, in her speech she mainly focused on the Shanghai List, which, according to her, recently has been quite controversial, considering that it is unclear, confused and does not give any justifications. She further added that in all the rankings made by the Shanghai List, never have been taken into the consideration the criteria which should be taken as a basis of ranking, such as education quality, scientific research, publications, the number of students, conditions offered by universities.

Bjondina Lloga, also student of the Faculty of Law in her speech mainly focused on the employment approach, by making parallels and comparisons between public and private universities. As she said in the competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science, it is always emphasized the fact that advantage for employment have the students who have graduated in public universities, but since they have set the grade average as a main criterion, then always high on these lists are ranked the private university students, taking into account the way they’ve been evaluated.

Agon Çiçe, student of the Faculty of Economics, at the same time member of the Presidency of the Student Parliament of UT, said that the in the debate on amendments of the Law on Higher Education should also be included the Student Parliament of the University of Tetova. He said that the Government of Macedonia should foresee the budget for student organizations respectively for student parliaments that function as independent bodies of students in public and private universities. He further said that the Government, namely the Ministry of Education and Science, should establish a permanent budget for each student parliament, based on some criteria that will be taken as a basis for supporting student activities.

In this debate present was the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, professors and students of our University, while students posed a few questions to panel students. 

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