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UT organized the International Scientific Conference on the Challenges of Doing Business in the Contemporary World


At the University of Tetova, today began the work of the 5th International Scientific Conference on the topic "Challenges of Doing Business in the Contemporary World". This conference was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Tetova. On behalf of the University of Tetova and Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, the conference welcomed the Vice-Rector for Finance of our University, Prof. Dr. Alifeta Selimi. Referring to the topic of the conference "Challenges of Doing Business in the Contemporary World" said we all share the common assessment that economic co-operation, integration process and global impact on financial issues have become the subject of debates, symposia, seminars and various scientific congresses, organized by serious institutions of the country and abroad. "The debates on economic developments today are current issues for our country and the region, but this issue becomes even more special for transition societies, which aim at Euro-Atlantic integration and contemporary global trends. Despite the many challenges today, the world economy is globalizing, states have been making efforts to realize an integrated economic system over the years and have achieved this development through investment in education, free communication as an important player in the developed world that enables peoples to get closer, recognition of cultural heritage, as well as other specifics and values important to one another. In our view, we consider that research and scientific work is considered to be the most powerful tool for advancing knowledge, economic development and social integration. On this occasion, we believe that this conference, which has brought together a considerable number of lecturers, scientific workers and professionals in the field of science, will contribute to a new economic vision in our country and beyond"- said Prof. Dr. Alifeta Selimi.

On behalf of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, the conference was welcomed by its chairman, Nebi Hoxha. He said that the Chamber he leads is committed to improving the implementation of legislation (laws, rules) for a better business environment, first of all, with the help of improving the participation of the Chamber, members and other business organizations in its adoption. ECNWM will seek to be compulsorily consulted in the adoption/change of legislation, with its participation in the work of parliamentary committees and bilateral consultations. The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia will cooperate with the Government, not excluding criticism of policies on legal regulations. It will also endeavor to create its own stance and opinion on the most important policies and legislation in the country.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili, said that the theme of this conference determines the objective of creating an academic and scientific platform with all our academic, intellectual and professional capacities. "This conference will enable finding and providing various, but viable alternatives, and effectively channeling scientific achievements into different situations in order to facilitate and advance business deployment versus the challenges imposed by the permanent changes of environmental pressures on contemporary markets. So the intellectual courage and capacity of quality researchers, involved in different generations, will challenge the reality of the problems that businesses and countries in the region have, by incorporating businesses into the main pillar of sustainable economic growth of our countries", emphasized Prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili.

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Naser Rahimi, said that this conference, like all other events organized by other academic units within the University of Tetova, helps to raise the values and potential for all our students. "As it is well known, the number of scholars participating in this conference is quite large and certainly in their works there will be new bringing in the field of economy and business. We believe that these conferences will help in the professional preparation of our students and tomorrow wherever they go contentedly will represent the University of Tetova"- said Prof. Dr. Naser Rahimi.

The coordinator of this conference, Doc. Dr. Argjina Kahremani, said that over 200 researchers with more than 80 scientific papers in different economic fields, divided into 6 sessions, participate in this conference. "This conference is just a station on the long research and scientific path of the two faculties that are the organizers of the conference. The number of new participants, researchers, doctoral students and professors is greater than any other year and this shows the increased interest and attention for studies in the fields of economy and business", said. Doc. Dr. Argjina Kahremani.

Also, today, at the solemn opening of this conference were promoted the issues VII and VIII of the Economic Vision Magazine, which this time comes all in English and with a rich editorial board. 

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