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23 Years University of Tetova - The Faculty of Arts opened the artistic exhibition


The Faculty of Arts of the University of Tetova, today, through an exhibition enriched the mosaic of activities on the occasion of marking the anniversary of this educational institution.

With this event, professors of the Faculty of Arts, through their artistic contribution, gave meaning to both missions of this exhibition. Just as our university is marking its rise over the years and decades, this exhibition also revealed the consolidation of the artistic identity of our academy.

Professor of History Arts at the Faculty of Arts, Jëlldëz Asani PhD said that through this exhibition, our authors, besides the deserved professor titles who have a motivating influence on their students, at the same time, through paintbrush, chisel and other figurative and non-figurative technical tools, convey ideas and messages with the language of modern art. "Much of the works are based on traditional motifs, mythological sources or imaginary compositions with sensations of colors, tones, lines, letters, which according to artists are a privileged part of the expression of Albanian identity. Visual appearance and aesthetic regime is the reality in which they are participants, intervene, act or mediate with their work. With the help and the combination of different techniques and materials, expressed in the language of the traditional figurative genders: painting, sculpture, graphics, design, artists offer bits from the prosperous modernist and post-modernist stylistic opus", underlined professor Jëlldëz Asani PhD.

She also added that art remains a noble mission to become the space of all the alternatives, views, and of all authors who bring with them different visual impressions.


At the opening of the exhibition present was the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, vice-Rector for Education, Prof. Dr. Dr. Reshat Qahili, vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Dr. Hazir Pollozhani, Student Parliament Speaker Donika Kamberi, deans, senators, professors and students.  

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