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UT marked the 23rd anniversary of its foundation


On the occasion of marking the 23rd anniversary of the foundation of the University of Tetova, the university leadership headed by the Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, together with senators, deans, professors and students paid homage at the memorial of the martyr of Albanian education, Abdilselam Emini, as well as the tomb of the founder and first historic rector of UT- Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani.

The main event of marking the 23rd anniversary of establishment of the University of Tetova was concluded with a solemn academy held at the amphitheater of the Rectorate. In this academy, beside the leadership of the university, professors and students, were  present a large number of public personalities such as rectors and deans of universities from the country and region, academics, politicians, deputies, leaders of religious communities, business representatives and media.

The academy was declared opened by the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti. He said that the University of Tetova, started working 23 years ago, to end once and forever the discrimination that was made to the Albanian people of our regions and to pursue a better future for all ethnicities living in the Republic of Macedonia. "Looking at this prism, university is our common platform, the weaving point of our history, traditions, vision and common ideal. Here as nowhere is preserved the image of itself and reflection beyond itself. University of Tetova today celebrates its 23rd anniversary but it’s much older than that, because it was born from century dream for education in native language. It is our common ground where we plant new seedlings each year and we look them with the greatest devotion and together we give life to the whole society, we do not allow darkness to stand in front of the light, confusion in front of the reason and ignorance in front of the knowledge, enriching it with new experiences, knowledge, and new nutritional means. For a long time this common ground has been and still continues to be a vision of invasion from four sides, however, the University of Tetova will remain our holy land, the country where national homogenization was found, and  began to resound our sweet Albanian language. There is no return and stronger than ever we will continue our journey towards knowledge and progress, toward the future of our children, towards the civilization and emancipation. Now if we look retrospectively in every academic year, in front of our eyes will appear a university full of dynamism, which gradually is taking the contours of a leading institution in the country and the region and becoming a devout member of the European and world university networking. The trajectory of time itself proves in the best way, which only recognizes rising upwards and nothing else. Not only has the infrastructure consolidation proved this, with the object, modern faculties, scientific laboratories, fields and halls of sport, but above all, the noble work of the University is proven also with the establishment of scientific journals for each faculty separately, which have already begun to be published in English language and internationally indexed, with the mobility of students, academic and administrative staff at the most prestigious European universities, with participation in European Commission programs, with the implementation  of numerous European projects, the accreditation of our professors in scientific leadership at the master level and doctoral studies.  The cooperation with state, public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations in promoting programs with social character, as well as the mutual cooperation with many universities from the country, region and the whole world. All those mentioned above, but also to the well-being of the University and the people of our lands, we are grateful that helped to us when it was more than necessary”,- said the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

In his speech he further stressed that the University of Tetova has went more through difficult than good times. It has been constantly ignored by the state, have lacked the necessary investment in infrastructure, academic staff, minimal budget in the successful realization of academic activity, and devious affinity in the syntagmatic and paradigmatic aspects, just not to notice his work. "This university has given too much to this country, it has produced cadres for the state pyramid in accordance with the Ohrid Agreement, has issued educators and teachers, engineers and economists, doctors and artists, has influenced the spiritual development of society and the creation of everlasting peace in our common state, which historically was a gunpowder barrel. Therefore, our and state task also, is to take care of the overall rise of quality in education, to continue the tradition in profiling our cadres, but above all, to create new programs  and retention them by stopping young people to leaving the country. For large societal transformations, is needed a symbiosis of all actors, but the universities must go ahead with this process and be in constant correlation with the state authority. As is well known, universities are never water that stands, which means that without innovation, the academic world is threatened by rust and with it and the society. Nothing is achieved by itself, progress is common fruit: of the academic world, state and the private sector. Youth has dreams, plans for life, and all we need to do is deal with all the available assets”, said the Rector, Prof, Dr, Vullnet Ameti.

At the end of his speech, our Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, in front of the attendees of this academy, said that for each anniversary of the University of Tetova, we express our gratitude for the eminent figures from different fields, especially we feel obliged to honor the personalities who have made a precious contribution to the society and support of the University of Tetova over the years. In this regard, our University has so far awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa, the proven personalities in various fields, such as: Former President of the Republic of Albania, Prof. Dr. Bamir Topi; the Albanian Nobel laureate, Prof. Dr. Ferid Murad; Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Davutoglu; Former Rector of the University of Trakya, Prof. Dr. Enver Duran; Former rectors of the University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule, Prof. Dr. Shezai Rrokaj and Dean, Prof. Dr. Betrit Bare; Current rector of the University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Mynir Koni; the American diplomat James W. Pardew; the famous American diplomat, Prof. Dr. David L. Phillips; Rector of the University of Chicago, Prof. Dr. Lisa Freeman; German Professor, Prof. Dr. Beate Henn-Memmesheimer; the Albanian world famous cardiac surgeon, Prof. Dr. Omer Xhemali; Honor of the Nation, patriot and intellectual Adem Demaçi; President of the Republic of Kosovo; Hashim Thaci; Former Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami. While today, on the 23rd anniversary, with the decision of the Senate of UT, in this solemn academy, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa will be awarded to our well-known philanthropist and businessman, Mr. Lazim Destani. At the end of my speech, I want to emphasize that universities are more than just educational institutions, moreover, they are arenas of awareness, hearth of emancipation and civilization, the inexhaustible source of free word, they are an energy, an insatiable volcano of social processes, as it has been, and will always be our University, the saint and eternal University of Tetova”, said the Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

In this academy was present the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in our country, his excellence, Mr. Fatos Reka, who on behalf of the institutions of the Republic of Albania to the participants in the academy addressed with a greeting speech. He said that the UT has made an extraordinary contribution in the formation of entire generations of students and later on engineers, teachers, and so on. "It is my pleasure that today I am among you, in marking this anniversary, where you award with the title Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Tetova, Mr. Lazim Destani. I wish Mr. Lazim Destani to have a long life, and to the University of Tetova, longevity to university to continue in all directions as a hearth of Albanian education in the formation of intellectual generations in the Republic of Macedonia and to Mr. Lazim Destani, health, success and prosperity in his philanthropic work for the benefit of the Albanian nation wherever they live”, said the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in our country Mr. Fatos Reka.

While on behalf of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, to the participants with greeting speech addressed the Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Marjan Dema. He said that with the establishment of the University of Tetova, the political, economic, social, social and national situation of Albanians in Macedonia has changed significantly. "Where were we 23 years ago? If we stop for a moment and make a comparison of the current situation and that before 23 years of the Albanian element in Macedonia we will notice a big difference in all areas of life. This change has come thanks to the University of Tetova, with the contribution of the academic staff, youth, intellectuals, Albanian citizens of Macedonia, diaspora assisted by the professors of the University of Prishtina and the Universities of Albania, managed to change this shadow, by transforming it into a country that provides a secure future for young people of their own country”, said the Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Marjan Dema.

After welcoming speeches at this academy, the University of Tetova awarded with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa philanthropist and the well-known Albanian businessman Mr. Lazim Destani. The Chairman of the Review Committee, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of UT, Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku read the report for the laureate. He said that based on the personality and activities already demonstrated by Mr. Lazim Destani in the overall social spectrum, which contain the human, educative, and national spirit, the Evaluation Committee composed, Chairman, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, member, Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku and member, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili, granted the approval for the awarding the title Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Tetova, Mr. Lazim Destani, and at the same time proposed to the Senate, as the highest authority of the University, that the committee evaluation to take into the  consideration  Mr. Lazim Destanin to award Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Tetova. As members of the Evaluation Committee and on behalf of the University of Tetova and the Albanian people of these areas, we are convinced that with this act we fulfill a moral and national obligation and express our gratitude to the hard work of this humanist and unique patriot”, said Prof. Dr. Arbër Çeliku.

The decision of the Senate for the awarding of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the Mr. Lazim Destani, was made public by the promoter, Vice-Rector for Education of SUT, Prof. Dr. Reshat Qahili. During the reading of the decision he said that “Pursuant to article 144 of the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia and article 268 of the Statute of the University of Tetova, the University Senate, at the regular meeting held on November 29, 2017, brought a: DECISION for awarding of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Tetova, to the Mr. Lazim Destani. This title is awarded to the Mr. Lazim Destan for the valuable contribution in the field of humanism, advancement of culture and sport, the promotion of the national issue at the global level and the continued and unreserved support of the University of Tetova over the years”, said Prof. Dr Reshat Qahili.

Rector of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, awarded the diploma of Honorary Doctor of Science and the banner, great logo and the portrait of the First and Historical Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani.

After receiving the diploma, Mr. Lazim Destani welcomed and thanked the audience. He said it is a pleasure and a privilege to be at the University Tetova and accept the highest scientific award that this university awards, the title of Doctor of Honor Causa. "Thank you for your appreciation. This honor belongs not only to me, but to all those who supported me and worked together. They are a whole range of people, starting with my parents, my wife, children, and the people I have had with me throughout my career. Efforts and sacrifices for the foundation of the University of Tetova are still fresh in our memory. They are all those professors and students and our people who with great dedication, did so much to see today the University of Tetova alongside the best universities in the region. Therefore, I would first like to address you my dear students. My optimism supports you, to our healthy Albanian youth, who, unlike the earlier generations you enjoy the conditions to make quality studies of the European standard. Have confidence in yourself, because each one of you has the doors open to reach the summit of success, while the road leading to it is self-confidence, work, dedication, and the goal of having a happy future. You are the future of the country. Healthy, educated and cultured youth is the best guarantee for the overall development and for the future of the country. I would like to convey my respect and congratulations to the academic staff of the university. Honorable professors, to have this university today, you spent hard times by sacrificing too much, you gave the strength to the University of Tetova to withstand numerous challenges”, said the laureate Mr. Lazim Destani.

In his speech, the laureate Mr. Lazim Destani, among other things, evoked memories from the period of foundation of the University of Tetova. "I have fresh memories from that time, like many others, I supported the First and Historical Rector of the University of Tetova, Professor Fadil Sulejmani. The contribution to Albanian education for me has been an obligation, as it is everybody's obligation, according to potential they have to make efforts for the implementation of all projects that lead to our national progress. Honorable guest, the role of universities is essential for forming ideas for the future. However, even businesses are not abstract subjects,   they are created by people and circumstances. And at this point I see the close alliance between universities and business. To advance the economy and society in general, philanthropy represents an important area of activity and deserves the attention of businessmen. Business is still a major generator for developing a country, but philanthropy is a key tool for addressing the challenges of society and is far more than charity. We need to work for the continuous upgrading of the quality of education and our national culture. God bless the Albanian education”, said the laureate, Mr. Lazim Destani.

This solemn academy was enriched with a rich artistic program, with the interpretation of the songs from professors of the Faculty of Fine Arts of our University, Selami Kolonja and Kastriot Tusha, accompanied in Piano by Taulant Kolonja.

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