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At the University of Tetova was marked December 3, International Day of Disabled Persons


With the motto "We wish, we desire, we pray and work for the full integration of disabled with disability", Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Tetova, for the fifth year now marked December 3, known as the International Day of Disabled Persons.

Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani, said that our University by observing this day aims to raise the awareness of scientific and professional opinion, for a more comprehensive approach in identifying and treating the disabled persons, when we consider the fact that their number is growing with autistic and hyperactive children. "There are numerous questions and dilemmas for this and other reasons, among which we will mention: Why is it necessary to raise awareness for disabled persons; What has been done, what should be done and what are the further steps in this regard; What is our country's approach in solving the daily problems of people with special needs; What are the main aspects of education for children and students with special needs; How children with special needs really are an integral part of the education system; How prepared is the current education system to face the challenges of education of children with special needs, etc.", said Prof. Dr. Fadbi Osmani.

Head of Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Doc. Dr. Buniamin Memeti, said that at the first manifestation in our University it has been emphasized that the creation of a proper framework, which will deal professionally with the treatment, deinstitutionalization, integration approach, diagnosis and rehabilitation of these people, will be the priority of our department. "Today, after 5 years of accreditation of our study program, we have the first 18 special educators and rehabilitators, who have achieved high professional competences to face the problems, difficulties, obstacles, injuries and pervasive disorders of the autism spectrum. I can responsibly say that our students during the examination and diploma thesis defense show high professional competencies”, said Prof. Dr. Buniamin Memedi.

Children with special needs, together with the help of the students, performed a song, while for the audience performed the rock band from Tetovo Elita 5, as well as was presented a short film with a sensitizing message titled Pa mure (No walls).


According to recent data, the number of disabled people in the world is large and it is constantly rising. Over one billion people in the world have a form of disability, of which over 200 million are children, and 110 to 190 million people have serious functional difficulties.

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