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At UT was promoted the book “The truth about Noli” of the author Entela Komnino


At the premises of the Faculty of Philology of University of Tetova today was inaugurated the book “The truth about Noli” of the author Entela Komnino. This book was also promoted in Albania and is considered as an alternative study of Noli's work. For this book spoke professor Salajdin Salihu PhD, who said that the book of Entela Komnino is curios, for the fact that it’s a study about Noli. Every study on this personality of culture and history is attractive because: Fan Noli is a special poet who beautifully played the violin of language and created an artistic work, where today's masses are shaded by the universal masses. He is the keen translator, an enrichment of our cultural and literary world with reflection of the pearls of world literature, which rarely come to mankind, and as such, are condemned to talk to future times with their symbolic language. He is a par excellence publicist, that you might dispute his ideas, but not his style of writing. He is the priest who translated many religious books in Albanian language, while the sensitivity of the writer kept him away from the rigid dogma that creates Procrustean beds. He is a politician with artistic affinity, who acted in another time, when history had experienced cracking, who raised and overthrew from political scene, this scene of interests and great conflicts, tragicomic characters who kept in their hands the fate of the nation”, said  Doc. Dr. Salajdin Salihu.

The author of the book Entela Komnino said that this book brings forward a new view of Noli’s figure and the Albanian culture in general. "The truth about Noli is not a provocation through titles, or even miraculous, out of circumstances of opportunities for more than 100 years for answers. The wonder exists, but it belongs to another fact: within possibilities of more than 100 years, the unasked question still continues to be challenged by the composed truth; the rhetoric. Within thousands of years of old opportunity of colloquial Albanian, on the other hand, exceeds any grouped reasons of languages based on nations. The truth with which he lived surprisingly at the point of death and wrote about the Albanians, Fan Noli, transmitted today with unmistakable boundaries at the time of his writing as those of social networks, has even elevated without numerical developments of meaning beyond those without wonder, without ever arriving at a continuous question-and-answer process, specifically necessary under the conditions of Albanian thriving and of events and letters"- said Mrs. Entela Komnino.

Entela Komnino lives and works in Tirana. She completed piano studies and history of art in the Art Lyceum in Tirana and after that Albania Language and Literature at the Faculty of History and Philology of University of Tirana. In 1994-1995 completed her postgraduate studies, rhetoric and television journalism at the University of Tubingen in Germany. She is experienced as a journalist in the media of Albania and Kosovo, but she has been also engaged in various studies. In 1997 she published the book titled, 30 minutes at 8 pm that has to do with the history of television news in Albania since its beginnings. She holds a PhD in literature with a dissertation titled Rhetorical code in Fan Noli's published works

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