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UT students organized improvised court hearing for the protection of property and public rights


First-year students of the Faculty of Law, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Bashkim Selmani, concluded the winter semester with the improvisation of a simulated court hearing with the motto "Protecting our property and public rights".

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi, said that the purpose of this hearing consists of simulation by students as well as creation of a common environment for stimulating academic debates. “One of the main goals of this scientific activity is to identify and share ideas and practical solutions based on scientific evidence that support the objectives of good governance and democracy, by orienting this process in harmonizing three main aspects that are good governance and state, society and law”, said Prof. Dr. Ferat Polisi.

Based on scientific studies that were done in the field and from the surveys with damaged parties, over 64.3% of this category of damaged are not satisfied with the justice for protection of property rights in Macedonia.

Professor Bashkim Selmani said that, "Looking at this prism, we raise our voice against the limitation, endangering and threatening from property crime in the judicial system in our country. The organization of simulated court hearing aims to provide the message of the causes of loss of material goods of citizens, which are damaged just by judicial verdicts and the material damage cannot be compensated at the right time, because the criminal courts direct the parties to civil litigation, which further extends legal-civil proceedings. This hermetic period enables the disappearance,   the loss of value, loss of valuable items or their sale to third persons, as in most cases legal-civil proceedings for victims arise with higher costs than the things lost and violently stolen by the perpetrators”, said Professor Bashkim Selmani.


Through this improvised hearing, students also demanded that during eventual reforms of the judicial system in the Republic of Macedonia to be considered this very important segment of protection of property rights from property crime.

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