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American company “Source 1 Solution HQ” donated to the University of Tetova technological equipment


The IT service provider company “Source 1 Solution HQ” based in Florida, United States of America, donated to the University of Tetova a network and server technological equipment, worth 100 thousand Euros. This donation from the "Source 1 Solution HQ" for the University of Tetova has been managed by the representative of this company, Mr. Besnik Baftijari, a network engineer in this company.

"Source 1 Solution HQ" and University of Tetova have signed a cooperation agreement anticipating the implementation of the training and professional development of students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, especially students from the Informatics study program at the University of Tetova.

With this agreement, this company together with the Office for Scientific Research and Innovation as well as with the Office of Information Technology of the University of Tetova in the premises of our University will also set up an innovation center with information technology equipment, “Source 1 Solution Innovation Center”.

Head of the Office for Scientific Research and Innovation at the University of Tetova, Assistant Professor Agon Memeti, said that the overall purpose of this memorandum is that through mutual cooperation to enable timely and efficient preparation of this center as well as the implementation of the anticipated training. “The particular objective is that the participants in the program to gain knowledge through lectures, to advance and improve their skills in using current technology such as Cisco, Brocade, Windows, VMware, Citrix, Wireless etc”, said Assistant Professor Agon Memeti.


According to this agreement “Source 1 Solution HQ” will support and participate in providing the necessary equipment for the implementation of the training of student applicants, while University of Tetova will provide premises and staff for realization of training of students and will take care of equipment’s maintenance.

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