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University of Tetova’s Music Study Program students held a semestral concert


Students of the Music Study Program of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tetova, on December 25, 2017, organized a vocal-instrumental music concert. This activity is organized each year with the ending of lectures of the winter semester, while the students of this department perform various artistic pieces.

Head of Music Study Program, Prof. Dr. Bajramali Idrizi, said that every year, this concert is turning into a very important event for our University, because our students perform in front of a large audience. “At each end of the semester, our students perform in front of the public. It is interesting that this time we had a very special program, a program that is actually presented for the first time, because we had together both the choir and the orchestra, while the students performed the most beautiful pieces of Mozart, Verdi and others. This is a very important event both for students and the public, because there perform over 100 students of Music Study Program such as instrumentalists, the quartet and so on”, said Prof. Dr. Bajramali Idrizi.

At this vocal - instrumental concert the students presented in front of the public parts of operas by Mozart, Verdi, Paolo and others. The beauty of this concert was the joint performance of the orchestra of the Faculty of Arts and the choir of the University of Tetova, which conveyed special emotions to the public.

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