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Happy March 7th, Teacher’s Day


On behalf of the University of Tetova, I have a great pleasure to congratulate you March 7th - Teacher's Day. Albanian School of Korça is considered a major event in our national history. It was the great victory of the Albanian National Movement, and the crowning of the common challenges of homeland organizations, outside and inside Albania.

In this day, we recall the titanic efforts for the Albanian school, the superhuman contribution of our enlightenment for education, science and culture. Their message of that time gives us strength and courage to advance the sacred mission for more knowledge.

Let’s all engage to empower national education and through our values to join with the overall European and Western civic values.

To all honored teachers and professors I want to congratulate the March 7th, Teachers' Day with the best wishes for new successes in their sacred mission, and education of younger generations.


Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti,

Rector of the State University of Tetova

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