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Students of the Faculty of Arts organized a concert with vocal - instrumental music



Students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Tetova organized an annual concert with vocal-instrumental music. This is the second consecutive concert organized by students and professors of the Music Study Program.

Head of Music Study Program, associate professor, Bajramali Idrizi, said that these concerts are organized twice a year, at the end of the winter and summer semester.

According to him, these concerts aim to give students the opportunity to perform on stage in front of the public. "Today, our students conclude the academic year with the annual concert, during which they perform and at the same time with their appearance in the concert they also pass the exam on that particular subject. Students in this concert are presented with works by world and Albanian composers, and it is a beautiful combination because there participate the orchestra, the choir, soloists and instrumentalists” – said associate professor, Bajramali Idrizi.

Semestral concert of the students of the Faculty of Arts, where were present professors and students of this faculty, began with the choir of the University of Tetova with the interpretation of the songs “Lule Bore” by Simon Gjoni and “Dasma Arbëreshe” by Rauf Dhomi. The concert was ended with Symphony No.45 by Haydn performed by the orchestra of the University of Tetova.


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