17.02.2016 - GOOGLE Your Future - Hackathon


For the first time the gigantic technology company Google Inc. comes to the Balkans, namely, more exactly at the University of Tetova! We are honored to have Margaret Fortney at this event, a high representative of the Google Inc., who will announce the possibilities offered by this company for students, professors, universities and businesses in the sphere of technology. At the same time the only winner of the Google’s scholarship in the region, MSc. Merita Kasa Halili will reveal her experience from her participation in the seminar organized by Google in Zurich, Switzerland. In the framework of this event will be held the Hackathon where students and companies from the region will be able to compete with innovative software solution ideas! We invite all students to submit the applications no later than February 23 to projects@unite.edu.mk Winners of the three first places will solemnly receive awards and certificates in the amphitheater of UT by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, with other participants to receive certificates also. For more information click on the link of the event.



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Tetova State University
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