Dear high school graduates,

Friends and lovers of the State University of Tetova


The State University of Tetova last year marked the 17th anniversary of its academic activity, and in this occasion we disclosed the successes and achievements in the field of education, science and activity of the University.


We bow in deep respect before all the students, teachers, assistants, who in 1994 founded this university, as a main promoter of free thinking and scientific activities, who during these years, in desks, laboratories and auditoriums of this University made their most beautiful dreams come true, the big university dream of light and knowledge, contributing to the development of our society.


Our University has consistently achieved significant results in all fields, and thus we consider that it has fulfilled its primary mission, the preparation of the new professional staff for the overall development of our society.


The State University of Tetova is an institution with consolidated educational tradition and is carrying out its activity in two cycles of study, undergraduate and master studies, almost in all faculties and study programs, where over 16 thousand full-time and part-time students attend the undergraduate studies and over 1000 students attend the second cycle of studies, or postgraduate studies.


Our University offers services for all citizens and study opportunities to qualify and prepare for a better future. Improvement of the quality of academic services, improvement of the teaching and research is achieved through direct and effective communication with students and teaching staff. Therefore, we can freely say that SUT is a promoter of student representation encouriging the intact functioning of Student Parliament as an independent body of students and their involvement in the decision-making process.


Today, the State University of Tetova, in addition to the scientific and educational activity carried out in 11 faculties and 36 study programs, organizes dispersed studies in Skopje, Gostivar, Kumanovo, Struga, Debar and Kiçevo.


Regarding the enrollment of new students, their number is increasing each year, and it is worth noting that in the academic year 2011/2012 were met 95 percent of the seats anticipated, and in the auditoriums of SUT this academic year will sit more than 4,500 new students, most of whom study under state quota.


For the needs of the students we have made ​​significant reduction of tuition fee, and over 200 students have been fully exempted from the payment of semesters and enrollment of the academic year, based on the achieved success, as a support and solidarity with the differenet categories of citizens.


We are continuously working for the creation of new connections for cooperation with other universities in the country, the region and beyond. Our University cooperates with a large group of other institutions, especially the sectors that are related to the education, research and the overall academic activity, as we continue to deepen this cooperation with the private sector, for the needs of the research activity of University staff, for their staff’s professional engagement in education-scientific activity in departments of the University where there is needed, both for realization of internship of our students in these enterprises, where are especially explored the creation of jobs for students who graduate in our University.  


University managers pay a special attention to the organization of numerous activities and scientific events, panel discussions and debates, some of which are carried out in collaboration with other educational institutions of the country and abroad.


These are some of the results we have achieved, and in the future we will continue with the joint engagement in achieving our goals.


The State University of Tetova is prepared and motivated to deal the various challenges of globalization and integration of higher education, and thus we are focused on transforming our University into a regional center of education of new generations.


Dear high school students, let me thank you for your right choice to continue your studies at the State University of Tetova, and through this Manual you will be informed in detail about the application and your obligations. We believe that this information will facilitate the enrollment procedure at our institution.



We are looking forward to seeing You …


The Rector of the State University of Tetova


Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti

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