1 Rector Prof. dr. Vullnet Ameti
2 Vice-Rector for finances Prof. dr. Alifeta Selimi
3 Vice-Rector for education and science Prof. dr. Reshat Qaili
4 Vice-Rector for international relations Prof. dr. Arbër Çeliku
5 Secretary General, Adem Beadini
6 Dean of Faculty of Philosophy, Prof. dr. Fadbi Osmani
7 Dean of Philological Faculty, Doc. dr. Fatmir Sulejmani
8 Dean of Faculty of Law, Prof. dr. Ferat Polisi
9 Dean of Faculty of Economics, Prof. dr. Raman Ismaili
10 Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Prof. dr. Fauzi Skenderi
11 Dean of Faculty of Physical Education, Prof. dr. Ajri Ziba
12 Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences, Prof. dr. Nderim Zeqiri
13 Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof. dr. Miftar Memeti
14 Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences, Prof. dr. Nasir Behxheti
15 Dean of Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition, Xhezair Idrizi
16 Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. dr. Naser Raimi
17 Head of Student Parliament, Ardian Bilalli
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Tetova State University
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