//At UT was held a professional lecture dedicated to the breast cancer

At UT was held a professional lecture dedicated to the breast cancer

2019-10-30T16:51:11+00:00 October 30, 2019|
At the University of Tetova, the Student Scientific Group of the Faculty of Medical Sciences organized a lecture on topic: “Early detection saves lives”.
According to the coordinator of the Scientific Group, Asst. Prof. Dr. Arbëresha Bexheti – Ferati, this activity aims to raise the awareness of the population regarding the early detection of breast cancer.
She also said that since the October is globally considered Breast Cancer Awareness Month, every year we try to help and to raise the awareness through various activities for early detection and treatment as well as care for this disease.
Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Sahmedin Sali, referring to breast cancer, said that recently the disease has become widespread. “Well-established state institutions, different health policies, etc., intend to take the precautions to make early detection of breast cancer. We know that one of the main methods to prevent the occurrence of this disease is to contribute to the awareness of the population, and all this is accomplished through a series of activities, and for this I would like to congratulate the Scientific Group for their work and at the same time I would like to thank the professors in the panel who responded positively to the students’ invitation to discuss about the disease”. – said Prof. Dr. Sahmedin Sali.
The President of the Rotary Club, Mevaip Abdiu, as a supporter of this activity, said it is an honor and a pleasure to work with the students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of UT to carry out an activity dedicated to breast cancer. “The very organization of this lecture should serve as stimulation for all women to have an early check-up and diagonostation in order to have a positive effect on the cure for this disease. Through this lecture we will be able to convey the message to the public about the risk of this disease and the earliest detection”. – said Mevaip Abdiu.
Regarding the frequent occurrence of this disease, what is breast cancer, what are the types and what causes it, what are the risk factors, how to timely diagnose breast cancer and more, lectured the radiologists, Mr. Sc. Argjend Imeri, Doc. Dr. Maja Jakimovska, Oncology Specialist, Dr. Spec. Vjollca Skenderi, and surgeon Fatmir Saliu.
After the presentation of the panelists from the participants were asked series of questions about the breast cancer, while the activity was concluded with a motivational speech for all women affected by this disease, by the Mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo, Ms. Teuta Arifi, as one affected by this disease, who spoke about her personal experience years ago confronting with this disease.