Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Tetova, in cooperation with the Student Parliament and the students’ scientific group, marked the World Oral Health Day. World Health Organization manifests this date with the motto “Oral Health and General Health”.

Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Nasir Bexheti, said that the faculty he leads closely follows the recommendations of the World Health Organization. “The aim is to give a message from the WHO to the public about the way and prevention of oral diseases, respectively oral hygiene, risk factors that lead to different oral health pathologies and the transmission of the message in public about the way of the regulation on oral health protection” – said Prof. Dr. Nasir Bexheti,

During the presentation of the professional lecture titled: “Think about your mouth, think about your health” Doc. Dr. Kenan Ferati said that he together with students have initiated a sensitizing campaign devoted to oral health because the mouth is the mirror of the body and important to health. In the following days, they will have meetings with pupils so they can be informed about the maintenance and consequences of oral health. “Our desire is oral health to be at the highest level, as in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and other European countries, but in oral health care, a key role plays the social and the economic status. Lower social classes have lower oral health care. In the future, we think we can make a national program dedicated to oral health and realize some statistics on oral diseases” – Doc. Dr. Kenan Ferati said.

In this lecture it was said that oral health and health in general have interrelated relationships, because mouth diseases can affect life in every way, from interpersonal relationships and self-confidence up to school, work even in the food tasting. Among other things, it was said that parents should take care of children’s oral health and motivate them to take care of their teeth during the whole lifetime.