Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication started its activity on 2015 as a joint initiative between University of Tetova and Northern Illinois University in Chicago, USA.

The aim of the Center is to advance peace, conflict negotiation and cross-cultural understanding.

During these years of operation, the whole engagement has been situated towards the promotion of peace through conferences, roundtables, research projects and debates.


Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication’s mission is to advance peaceful coexistence of various cultures and subcultures, working in harmony with each other taking into account the multi-ethnic character of North Macedonia.

Through research activities the Center objective is to promote non-violent  conflict resolution platforms.

In recent years the Center has focused on areas of international security, peacebuilding and hate speech phenomenon in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Besides this, the Center tries to promote cultural understanding and conflict negotiation through education, cultural exchange programs and also to assist governments, universities, politicians and other key stakeholders in the negotiating processes throughout the region with the final aim to ensure a better future for citizens.


Our vision is to ensure that democratic values are respected and we will work continuously in fostering peace through different activities as we strongly believe in Mother Theresa’s quote: “In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”


Donika Kamberi holds a B.Sc. in Law from the University of Tetovo, North Macedonia and has a Mr.Sc. in Global Politics and International Relations from Universita di Macerata, Italy. Besides that, she has served as President of Students Parliament in University of Tetova for two years and was member of the Senate from 2016/18. From 2020 she is working as Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Law in UT, while previously she has worked at Office for Translation and Proofreading.

In 2021 she became the Director of Center for Peace and Transcultural Communication- UT, as a recent Mr.sc. graduate in International Politics, she is very energetic and motivated to go further and deepen her research on peacebuilding processes of the Western Balkan region but in particular her research interests are focused on the EU’s impact in fostering peace in Kosovo in the post-independence period.

Due to her work with local NGOs and study experiences she learned how to deal with different cultures and has a strong inclination for human rights, in addition she is a regular contributor for Greenpeace.



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