Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics organizes basic studies in eight study programs, lasting four years, while the student collects a total of 240 credits. This faculty conducts educational, scientific, research, applying and publishing activities in the field of biological, physical, chemical, mathematical, informatics, geographic and ecological sciences.

Mathematics & Financial Mathematics

Represents science that is in correlation with the technical sciences and physics, but lately it is evident that it penetrates into economics, medicine, information technology as well as other sciences. The Second Cycle of studies enables students to deepen their knowledge in scientific-research work in the field of mathematics.

Informatics or Information Technology represents an integral part of contemporary development in both society and other sciences. Basic IT studies include in-depth knowledge of software and hardware, as well as using the computer for various purposes: process management, data processing, information management, intelligent computer systems processing, etc.

Physics presents a challenge for young graduates and above all wise ones, since it clarifies the reciprocal interactions of the smaller particles as well as the reciprocal interactions and secrets of heavenly bodies; in one word it studies the ratio of matter and energy. The second cycle lasts one year and offers 60 ECTS credits.

Chemistry represents the nucleus of modern science, technology and medicine. The object of study of chemistry is matter and its chemical conglomerate. In contemporary life, particularly in the production and synthesis of proteins, chemistry plays an extremely important role. Graduated chemists are employed in scientific-research work, education, laboratory research, biotechnology industry, health, pharmacy, petrochemical industry, etc.

The dichotomous content of the Physics & Chemistry study program students will benefit from the knowledge and competences for work in education, respectively for inclusion in the educational process, whether in primary or secondary education.

Biology Studies are conceptualized on the principle of learning the knowledge and enhanced competences on biological sciences, which will serve for the inclusion of graduated biologists in the educational process as well as in other institutions. Successful students can continue their studies in the second master cycle lasting 2 semesters and offering 60 ECTS credits.

Ecology, from contemporary environmental sciences, is nowadays treated as interdisciplinary science. It studies and provides solutions to problems in the sphere of environmental protection, spatial planning, natural, technical and biotechnical sciences. Also, ecology faces challenges globally, such as global warming and pollution of the planet Earth. Master studies last one year and offer 60 credits.

Basic Geography studies last four years and offer 240 credits, which gives the Geography Professor or Graduate Geographer the right to continue the second cycle of two-semester master studies and offer 60 credits.  Apart from educational work graduated Geographer can work on spatial and social planning, urbanism, environmental protection, multidisciplinary studies, and so on.

First Cycle

INFORMATICS Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated teacher of informatics Descriptor
Professional Graduated engineer of informatics Descriptor
INFORMATICS in English language Professional 8 240 Graduated engineer of informatics Descriptor
BUSINESS INFORMATICS 8 240 Graduated teacher of business informatics Descriptor
COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS 8 240 Graduated engineer in telecommunications and computer technology Descriptor
BIOLOGY Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated teacher of biology Descriptor
Biochemistry Graduated engineer of biochemistry Descriptor
GEOGRAPHY Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated teacher of geography Descriptor
Professional Graduated geographer Descriptor
ECOLOGY Ecology 8 240 Graduated ecologist Descriptor
PHYSICS Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated teacher of physics Descriptor
Professional Graduated engineer of physics Descriptor
PHYSICS-CHEMISTRY Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated elementary school teacher of physics and chemistry Descriptor
MATHEMATICS Teacher Education 8 240 Graduated teacher of mathematics Descriptor
FINANCIAL MATHEMATICS 8 240 Graduated in mathematics of finance Descriptor
CHEMISTRY Education Chemistry 8 240 Graduated teacher of chemistry Descriptor
Analytical Biochemistry Graduated engineer of chemistry, course of study: analytical biochemistry Descriptor
Professional Chemistry Graduated engineer of chemistry Descriptor

Second Cycle

BIOLOGY Botany 2 60 Master of biology + module name
Master of Informatics
Contemporary E-Technology
Database System
2 60 Master’s degree in informatics-Contemporary E-Technology
Master’s degree in informatics-Database System
INFORMATICS in English Language 2 60 Master of Informatics
GEOGRAPHY Human Geography 2 60 Master of Geographical Sciences
ECOLOGY General Ecology 2 60 Master of Ecology
PHYSICS Biophysics 2 60 Master of Science in Physics, Biophysics module
Physics of materials
Physics of materials in English Language
Master of Science in Physics, General Physics module
General Physics Master of Science in Physics, General Physics module
Theoretical Physics Master of Science in Physics, Theoretical Physics module
MATHEMATICS 2 60 Master of Mathematical Sciences
CHEMISTRY 2 60 Master of Chemistry

Third Cycle

BIOLOGY Biochemistry and physiology 180 PhD in Biological Sciences Biochemistry and Physiology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alit Ibraimi

Vice-Dean for Education
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fadil Ajredini

Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florinda Imeri

Faculty Secretary
Hatixhe Bajrami

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