Vision and Purpose The continuous increase of the population on the globe requires from the agriculture to increase the quantity and quality of food [...]


The Faculty of Applied Sciences expands, enriches and advances its academic and practical work, adapting to contemporary trends and standards, first of all the labor [...]


The Faculty of Arts as an integral part of the University of Tetova, with the study programs of Figurative Arts, Musical Arts and Dramatic [...]


Faculty of Business Administration The Faculty of Business Administration offers a broad range of the First and Second cycle of studies. The study programs [...]


In the Faculty of economics the studies are organized according to the model 3+2 and 4+1. What does the Faculty of Economics offer? Accredited [...]


Graduates in Food Technology and Nutrition programs prepare and qualify for work in the field of development and research for the tasks of the [...]


The Faculty of Law, as an academic unit of higher education, is open to all students who wish to study. The Faculty of Law [...]


The medical and dental studies are aimed at the professional training of the staff, which will be sufficient for the geographic and demographic context. [...]


Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics organizes basic studies in eight study programs, lasting four years, while the student collects a total of 240 [...]


Study programs of the Faculty of Pedagogy are designed in accordance with the principles of the Bologna System. The main aim is that the study [...]


At the Faculty of Philology national foreign languages, literature and culture are studied. The Faculty of Philology in co-operation with universities from our country [...]


The study programs of the Faculty of Philosophy are designed according to the principles of the Bologna system. It is intended that study programs [...]


The Faculty of Physical Education with it also the study program of Physical Education is defined as a general interdisciplinary field, in which dominates [...]


Institute of Ecology and Technology Institute of Ecology and Technology is a teaching and scientific institution that aims to contribute to the scientific [...]

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