Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration offers a broad range of the First and Second cycle of studies. The study programs are designed to acquire personal knowledge and skills, interpretive skills that will be needed to fulfill the aspirations of students in the contemporary global economy.

The First cycle studies lasts 4 years and graduated students are enabled to contribute in the field of policy building, management with institutions and human resources.

The Faculty of Business Administration provides study programs of:

Business Administration

Public Administration

The study program in the study prgram of Business Administration provides a relation between theory and practice as one of the most important conditions for acquiring the skills and necessary knowledge for a successful career. Study program of the Public Administration prepares future leaders mainly for government institutions at the central and local levels as well as in civil society.

The aims of the Faculty of Business Administration throughout the study programs are:

  • Student preparation for career building in the public, non-governmental and private sector
  • Competency development and management with public institutions, research, public policy analysis, human resources management, and non-profit organizations.
  • Creation of a new generation of competent and professional administrators who will respond to European integration challenges.
  • Training during preparation of studies in the field of implementing policies in economics, management and law as well as the development of a culture of action in practice and theory.
  • Implementation of modern institutional communication between new technologies.

Graduates will be able to contribute in creation, implementation, development and evaluation of public policies, for the benefit of the society.

We constantly review our study programs in accordance with the dynamic needs of the labor market in the Republic of North Macedonia and countries in the region.

First Cycle

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 8 240 Graduated in Business Administration Descriptor
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 8 240 Graduated in Public Administration Descriptor

Second Cycle

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 4 120 Master of Business Administration
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 2 60 Master of Business Administration
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 4 120 Master of Public Administration

Prof. Dr. Llokman Hebibi

Faculty Secretary
Dr. Sc. Armend Asllani

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