The Faculty of Arts as an integral part of the University of Tetova, with the study programs of Figurative Arts, Musical Arts and Dramatic Arts, it represents the creation of higher education in the field of art.During these decades of existence, all of these study programs within the Faculty of Arts have built a well-known profile and have occupied a special place in the entire education system of RNM and have formed generations of young people dedicated to art andcreative approach in general.

With the foundation of the University of Tetova on December 17, 1994, the Faculty of Arts was founded.In 1996/2002 the Faculty of Arts was transformed into three faculties: the Faculty of Figurative Arts, the Faculty of Musical Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. In 2002/2004, three faculties merged into one faculty: the Faculty of Arts with three study programs: Figurative Art, Musical Art and Dramatic Art.In 2004 the University of Tetovaby the Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia, was officially named the “State University of Tetova” and in its frame the Faculty of Human Sciencesand Arts with two study programs;Figurative Art and Musical Art.Meanwhile, in 2008 was transformed into the Faculty of Arts, the name thatstill it carriesout (on July 07, 2008) has been declared the day of the Faculty of Arts).

There are currently three study programs at the Faculty of Arts:

  • Figurative art
  • Musical art
  • Dramatic and audiovisual arts

Studies at the Faculty of Arts are compoundedwith theCredit Transfer AccumulationSystem, which is conceived in accordance with the recommendations and determined framework of European academies and faculties and in accordance with Bologna Declaration.Studies in the first cycle at the Faculty of Arts last four academic years (eight semesters 240 ECTS), whereas the studies of the second cycle last one academic year (two semesters 60 ECTS).The Faculty of Arts participates in the implementation of the Tempus and Erasmus + Program and is in continuous cooperation with universities from all over the region.

For the enrollment of new students, due to the specifics of the study programs, there are certain conditions for registration, respectively all those who have completed the four-year high school and successfully pass the entrance-assessment exam have the registration right.

Since its foundation until today, the Faculty of Arts has had the status of a leading institution in the field of artistic education.During the 27 years of its existence, about 96 prominent professors – artists from the Republic of North Macedonia, the Republic of Albania and the Republic of Kosovo have participated.About 656 students have graduated from this institution, a large number of whom successfully represented the country with exhibitions, films, and concerts, theatrical performances inside and outside the country.

Like other institutions of higher education, the Faculty of Arts in Tetovo is facing the challenges of the modern era.All the characteristics of the time in which we live are reflected in the activity of the Faculty.It is the responsibility of the Faculty teachers to provide curricula, the content of which should be in the line with the needs of the time.

First Cycle

FIGURATIVE ART Pedagogy 8 240 Graduated teacher of fine arts Descriptor
Painting Graduated painter of fine arts
Graphic Graduated graphist of fine arts
Sculpture Graduated sculptor of fine arts
Graphic Design Graduated graphic designer
ART OF MUSIC Theoretical-pedagogical 8 240 Descriptor
Pedagogical Graduated teacher of music
Composition Graduated composer
Conduction Graduated conductor
Musicology Graduated musicologist
Ethnomusicology Graduated ethnomusicologist
Solo singing Graduated solo singer
Oboe Graduated oboist
Clarinet Graduated clarinetist
Bassoon Graduated bassoonist
Trumpet Graduated trumpeter
Horn Graduated hornist
Trombone Graduated trombonist
Flute Graduated flutist
Piano Graduated pianist
Tuba Graduated tuba player
Violin Graduated violinist
Viola Graduated violist
Violoncello Graduated violoncellist
Contrabass Graduated contrabassist
Guitar Graduated guitarist
Accordion Graduated accordionist
Percussion instruments Graduated percussionist
DRAMATIC ARTS Acting 8 240 Graduated actor Descriptor
Theater direction Graduated theater director
Film direction Graduated film director
Editing Graduated film editor
Video camera Graduated video cameraman
Dramaturgy Graduated dramatist

Second Cycle

FIGURATIVE ART Painting 2 60 Master of figurative art + module name
Graphic design

Prof. Mr. Senad Abduli

Vice-Dean for Education
Prof. Mr. Xhelil Rufati

Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs
Prof. Dr. Jëlldëz Asani

Faculty Secretary
Arber Ameti

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