Vision and Purpose

The continuous increase of the population on the globe requires from the agriculture to increase the quantity and quality of food while on the other hand the reduction of agricultural arable land, makes this need of the population more difficult. To achieve this goal we must have an intensive, professional and integrated agriculture. Only in this way agriculture from reduced areas can provide sufficient quantities of food and quality food. At the same time, the global priority of agriculture is the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection, in accordance with these processes.

The faculty aims:

  • Following the latest methods of intensive agricultural production, the most adequate use of agricultural machinery, plant protection products.
  • Creation of scientific staff of a model of a European education capable of involvement in research – scientific work in the field of agriculture, biotechnology and environment.
  • Transfer of new technologies in agriculture through intensive cooperation with farmers, processing capacities and similar institutions in the country, region and in the world.

Imperative of the Faculty

The imperative of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology is to create a professional and academic profile, which will possess the necessary knowledge to face the various challenges that agriculture has in terms of production, management, protection, and processing of products agricultural as well as the market demands.

First Cycle

MANUFACTURING PLANT 8 240 Crop production engineer Descriptor
ANIMAL PRODUCTION 8 240 Animal production engineer Descriptor
AGRIBUSINESS 8 240 Agribusiness engineer Descriptor

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Limani

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