//Happy November 28th – Flag and Independence Day!

Happy November 28th – Flag and Independence Day!

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Dear friends,

On this marked day of our national history, I have the special honor and pleasure, on behalf of the University of Tetova, to wish you a happy November 28th – Flag Day.
November 28 is the day of the realization of a centuries-old dream, the realization of a great political, cultural and spiritual project. This national project also had its predecessors, led by our national hero, Gjergj Kastriot Scanderbeg, who in 1443, in the old capital of Albania, in Kruja, raised the red flag with the black double-headed eagle.
The historic decision of November 28, 1912, of the declaration of independence of Albania, was a coronation of the wars and efforts of entire constellations of patriots and intellectuals who excelled throughout the period of the National Renaissance.
Orientation towards the future obliges us to rise to take the responsibility and face the new historical reality, in North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and in all our ethnic lands in the Balkans, to respond with strong unity between us, with scientific and cultural cooperation, like all civilized nations.
Happy November 28th – Flag and Independence Day!