Books “Rexhep Qosja – philosopher, ideologist and politician of the national cause” and “My mother Mihana Lama”, by Prof. Dr. Kudusi Lama, today were promoted in front of students and professors of the University of Tetova. Not only students and professors showed great interest in the promotion of these books of the General Kudusi Lama, but also many book lovers and many personalities from different fields and spheres.

Vice-rector for Education of University of Tetova, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti, in his speech referring to this event, said that the publication of these books brings a valuable contribution, of interest to the public, students, art critics and scientific scholars. “Books of professor Lama’s for academician Qosja, fully elaborates the unique creativity and intensive activity in the service of our nation and argues this in the chapter: Qosja gives us the model of how to work for the national cause. In this chapter, he adds that what makes Qosja brilliant is the fact that he is not in love with his own nation and his fellows. He loves all nations the same as his own and in this way he approves the idea that serves to bring all nations together, because his vision looks far and deep and he does not stop at the borders of Kosovo or Albania. The other book that we promote today “My Mother Mihane Lama” is rated as a narrative with a special pedagogical influence, but also a human and social story with the dimensions of a multidimensional novel. This monumental book for the mother and her holiness, for the reader reflects in detail his environment and habits, her nature, thoughts, language and ethics, but above all she worked hard until the last moments of her life to keep and lead her family and have dignity and value, to raise capable generations,  and not to undergo the wrong but to have power and ability to continue family life, to progress and develop to be an example for others and as a devout Albanian she made every effort to be a stable fighter for national progress”, said among Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti.

Book dedicated to Academician Rexhep Qosja by reviewers it is considered as book with global dimensions, monumental and with philosophical depth, decomposing national ideology. For the university professor, Prof. Dr. Salajdin Salihu, career soldier- General Kudusu Lama, in the book  “Rexhep Qosja philosopher, ideologist and politician of the national cause” has paid special attention to his personality in national history. He said that in this Academic work Qosja has occupied an inalienable place in the history of the Albanian nation, as a philosopher, ideologist and politician of the national cause and beyond. In addition he has taken place of honor in the history of Albanian literature as a researcher and writer, so the author has analyzed his activity from a new perspective.

While Prof. Dr. Shyqri Galica estimated that the author Kudusi Lama, in this book has infiltrate into the depth of the opinion articulated by Academic Qosja in his books, analyzing one by one the ideas, views, political and philosophical research strategy, which with its width infiltrates into the historical depths where it rests creating their form.  By distinguishing as a level of a superior genius, who above all has national and social philosophical, ideological and political ideals, he has managed to articulate national identity, but also social.

In the assessment that Prof. Dr. Hysen Matoshi did about the book of Kudusi Lama, which he dedicates to academician Rexhep Qosja, said that the author has written in a clear language, has made a detailed analyse of the study material and has reached consistent conclusions on hic activity and personality, on the dimension of his engagement in the sphere of opinion and action in difficult times for the fates of the nation. This work takes as basis the influential dimension of his intellectual engagements the great programmatic assistence he has given to resolving the national question.

While the reviewer, Prof. Dr. Fadil Grajcevci speaking about the book above mentioned said that the author Kudusi Lama rightly says that the impact of the literary and scientific book of Rexhep Qosja is as great as it is special in the literary, cultural and scientific life, but also in the course of other Albanian political and social life in general. He is a literary critic, the most fruitful theorist and historian of literature; narrator, novelist and playwright who although not often, as with study books, every time it appears in our literature, brings new creative experiences as an essayist, publicist and nonconformist polemicist who hardly at all the times it is the voice of national   consciousness.

Academic Rexhep Qosja, referring to the book that General Kudusi Lame has dedicated to him, said that it is a book written with great quality and with a huge volume. “Today I feel good and I feel happy for this book, because it is written by an unusual author, it is written by a general and not an ordinary general but a general of two times, he is a peacetime and wartime general. A general who has done two books for the war in Kosovo. This book was written by the general during eight years. Writing eight-year book is a big job that should be highly valued. Writing this book has brought me pleasure. If we read his book we see that this intellectual and creative general knows the whole history of the Albanian people and peoples of Europe and everywhere. Let us hope that he will continue to delight us with new books, which will play a role in our national, social, moral life, as he has played with this work, to play the role of books that create to so-called social, ethical and national cohesion” said on this occasion Academician Rexhep Qosja.  Afterwards, he briefly gave his appreciation for the book “My mother Mihane Lama”. He said that this publication is both a literary and biographical work. “It provides a lot of concrete data that highlight its pedagogical importance. But, in its simultaneously with the literary language, when less and when more, mother Mihane is idealized. With those concrete data, presented in convincing language and with that idealization embodied in literary language, mother Mihane has become an example of daughter, sister, wife, mother with education, with quality, with high ethics, which characterize the pedagogical and psychological works of classical pedagogues and psychologists. Book  “My mother Mihane Lama” is a book with special pedagogical influence. This book should be read and re-read “, said further Academician Rexhep Qosja.

The author of the book, the general of the war Prof. Dr. Kudusi Lama, in his speech, speaking about the book dedicated to Academician Rexhep Qosja, said that Qosja’s philosophy has provided indisputable evidence of the accuracy of predictive thinking and visionary ideas.  Rexhep Qosja is a commander who stands near the frond, who is directly in front, who looks his fighters in the eye, who looks at the enemy in front, who pulls the trigger of his rifle towards the target, seeing also if he has hits the target or not. I will recall an event a few years ago, more precisely it was 1993, when we entered Kafasan, they held us hostage for 6 hours. While one day when we were leaving North Macedonia, two years ago, and the border guards came out of the cabin and said, please can u get out of the car because we want to take a picture with you. I believe that if you take these two images, it shows the colossal path through which you brought us with your soldiers and with your fight, commandant, Ali Ahmeti. Therefore, today I am very privileged to speak in front of you. Whereas, regarding the book “ My mother Mihane Lama” I have done all this work with dedication, but I have not managed to fully convince myself that I have given  the full dimensions of that life  in the historical, moral psychological, economic, educational, human etc. But, despite the fact that I have managed to give full dimensions to this life, I am convinced that I have manage to shed light on that life, so that can serve to be known and used by others to perform good acts in life. I wish readers would not be disappointed with my work. I wish I had brought to them the full life of mother Mihane. She wanted to be with people, to serve them and I am letting her through the paths of life with people” said author Prof. Dr. Kudusi Lama.

In the book “My mother Mihane Lama” by Prof. Dr. Kudusi Lama, the protagonist is a special mother, extraordinary with her life and her destiny in general. The great reason that has filled the mind and the heart of Prof. Dr. Kudusi Lama to dedicate this book to her  extraordinary sacrifices for her descendants, as she has faced many challenges, being widow, she can have  greatly raised her two sons by educating them until she made them with many descendants.

At the end of this promotion, Vice Rector for Education of UT, Prof. Dr. Vullnet Ameti to the panelists shared a gift with portrait of the first Rector of UT, Prof. Dr. Fadil Sulejmani, University Monograph and a set of scientific journals.