Austrian Corner of the University of Tetova conducted a workshop with primary and secondary school teachers. Professor of German Language from Vienna, Lukas Mayrhofer, in front of the participants presented the differences of German Language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and other countries where the German Language is spoken such as Belgium and northern Italy.
According to him Austria has removed from its vocabulary 24 German words and does not use them even as dialects, and the same words has replaced with new words as part of the standard language spoken by the Austrians.
Professor Lukas Mayrhofer illustrated thus with some examples that are used differently in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The word “bag” in Germany is used as “Tute”, in Austria as “Sackerd” and in Switzerland as “Sackli”. Whereas the word “apricot” in Austria is used as “Marille” while in Germany it is used as “Apricose”, and so on. He said that in this workshop has been set this topic in order to raise the public awareness of German language differences between Austria and Germany, because people from the Balkan countries have much less knowledge of this phenomenon.
Head of the Austrian Corner of UT, M.Sc. Lazim Ahmedi, said that activities of this nature are important for our students and professors because they provide us with new information about developments that occur in philological sciences.
Professors who participated in this workshop were awarded with certificates from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Austria and were registered at the Ministry of Education of Macedonia.