//Ecolog International Company is opened for the training of the graduates of the University of Tetova

Ecolog International Company is opened for the training of the graduates of the University of Tetova

2018-06-23T17:25:02+00:00 April 26, 2018|
The prestigious international company Ecolog International, in front of the graduates of the University of Tetova presented the training opportunities offered to them by this company.

Head for recruiting department of this company, Mislim Hasipi praised the leaders of University of Tetova who have responded positively to Ecolog’s request for their meeting with the senior students. He said that senior students face the next challenge, so they should grow professionally, socially, economically and above all, in order to achieve these goals, they must find a job, based on the profile they have built during the studies. Ecolog International Company is a good opportunity for any of them. Today’s presentation by our company is about notifying the graduates about the opportunities that Ecolog offers, both in terms of practical work and the possibility of long-term employment for the projects elsewhere” – said Mislim Hasipi.

Ecolog International Company during the examination of labor market, special importance pays to the former employees and then addresses the demands to academic institutions. Our company made and appeal to universities to train proper staff for the industry. ”If we leave aside the part of the consideration of former workers that is always a priority for our company, universities and academic institutions are the next door to which we are heading the most. So, once again I call on academic institutions to be as close as possible to the industry and to try to provide the staff for needs of the industry” – said Mislim Hasipi.

Senior students of the University of Tetova expressed great interest for the offer of Ecolog International Company. At the same time they asked questions on how to apply for a job, criteria that should be met for employment, selection of candidates, how much is given attention to the CV of candidates, foreign language skills and so on.

In this presentation was also said that Ecolog International is not a local company even though it’s based in Tetovo. It has a large number of foreign employee and people from different communities. It operates in 36 different countries of the world and works in projects in different areas, but the main focus of this company remains on human resources provided by the academic institutions.