University of Tetova continues with the presentation of the academic offer for the academic year 2021/2022, respectively of different educational-scientific directions. Faculty of Physical Education is the next faculty that presented the academic offer to the high school graduates of Tetovo. The presentation was conducted through the online platform by Asst. Prof. Dr. Kastriot Shaqiri, who introduced the high school graduates with study programs, study conditions and perspectives from this field of study.

From the Faculty of Physical Education, they say that the high school graduates had the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the educational, sports and scientific activity of this faculty. “Sports halls and sports fields, laboratories, qualified staff, programs designed and adapted to market needs are a guarantee of success. Student scholarships, international mobility projects, student activities are just some of the opportunities that our University offers to students. Studies in this faculty are organized according to the Bologna model, 4 + 1. Graduates in the study program of Physical Education apply their knowledge and skills in the field of primary, secondary, or higher education as well as in sports activities. It was also emphasized that the perspective for employment in this field is great and that with the amendments on the Law on Primary and Secondary Education in the RNM the number of mandatory and elective courses in the field of physical education, in the primary and secondary education has increased. This presents the need for teachers for physical education”- said by the Faculty of Physical Education.

The high school graduates were very curious about the offer of the Faculty of Physical Education, as the conditions offered by our University in this regard are of a high level both in terms of staff capacity, as well as in terms of infrastructure, with sports halls and sports fields that are built according to the European standards.

The presentation of the academic offer will continue in the coming days and is expected many students that are interested to continue their studies at our University.