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Taking into consideration the protection and advancement of the students’ rights at the University of Tetova, as well as the entire student youth in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as in the spirit of the fair public information, the leadership of the University of Tetova closely follows the articulation of the voice of the students, which is a sound premise for the general course of social processes.

The University of Tetova has never hesitated and will not hesitate to listen to the student voice and reflect for the good of the students and the society as a whole. So far, we have put all the mechanisms we have in the spirit of this philosophy, carved by the Albanian youth and our noble people during the darkest historical periods for our nation, which, like no other people in the world history, has shared his own bread and sacrificed his being so that the Albanians of Macedonia can be educated in their native language and thus laid the foundations of the overall social and national well-being.

For every student concern, for as long as we have had grounded and sustained complaints, we have always taken the right measures and we will always be willing to stand nobly in this human, ethical and legal principle. The University of Tetova belongs to the people and the student youth and should not become the shooting target of anyone, moreover, of certain groups of interest. Any concern, dissatisfaction or revolt should be resolved institutionally, whether it was individual or collective one.

We the leadership of the University, by taking into account these parameters, which coincide with our mission but also with the centuries-old sacrifice of the Albanian people of our lands, we let the students of the University of Tetova knowing that the doors of this paramount national project are always open to them and that the teaching staff, the administrative staff and the leadership of the University are in their permanent service.