Students and professors of the Pedagogical Faculty of University of Tetova, in cooperation with the primary schools of the Municipality of Tetova, “Migjeni”, “Përparimi” and the Ballet Studio “Menada”, through some free pedagogical activities marked June 1 – International Day of children. This event was realized with the students of primary schools, several games with competitive character were developed within the subjects: Mathematics, Albanian Language, Physical Education and Natural Sciences.
Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Mehmedi, in his statement said that they staged this activity with fourth year pedagogy students, in the Department of Teacher Education, Proffesional Pedagogy and Preschool Education, through a partnership with two primary schools: Primary School “Migjeni” – Tetovo and Primary School. “Perparimi” – Golema Rechica, and Ballet Studio “Menada”. “We want to give a message from this activity, to say to stop violence and abuse against children and to respect their rights, so it’s a moment of awareness. We hope that the effect to be conveyed because children are flowers that deserve to grow in all conditions and develop; they represent the future of the country and will be the future of society. As the Faculty of Pedagogy we always give our message and attach importance to the early development of children. Of course, the state has its Strategy for the development of education, which is 2018-2025 and has a dynamic of increasing the number of children involved in Preschool education. Today, in the activity we will have a part where our students will promote various activities as a model that they can be used in schools by teachers, but we also have a part of student competitions, where they compete in four areas, more specifically they compete in Albanian Language, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences and in Physical and Health Education. On this occasion, gratitude will be shared to all those students who will win first places. Also, gratitude will be given to the primary schools “Migjeni” and “Perparimi”, also for Ballet Studio “Menada” for their cooperation and participation in this activity, but I would like to thank on this occasion also the sponsor of the activity, “Shullani” market for which we are also grateful “, said the Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Lulzim Mehmedi.
Professor of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Besa Havziu said that this activity is dedicated to children. All together with the students who tirelessly prepared activities on the occasion of International Children’s Day. “The accompanying message is that children should not be constantly preoccupied with their free time, in their daily lives, with things that are in trend today, such as technology, but to introduce them to the world of play, in the world of activities and to introduce innovations, as required by the education system, which include various subjects, such as mathematics, whether language, or nature, sciences and to be realized through various activities, which we call as the didactic game. Let this day be as a reason to deliver a message conveying to the wider public. Often we have heard a new terminology like bullying, harassment, have always been bullied before, but what is the reason that pushes us to do such an activity and give an important message regarding the above mentioned terms. We say to give a message, to love children and, dear parents, do not invest too much in the original clothes for your children, but invest in love for them, because lately we neglect the love we have to offer them, children and many of us are proponents of creating wealth, creating material goods and by dressing them up in labeling cloths, we only stimulate them for worse. Remember that the most expensive game that has been awarded in France as the best game has been the rope game. Everything that is simpler is more beautiful and raises the quality “, stated the professor of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Besa Havziu.
In this event, in addition to various games by students, the students of the Faculty of Pedagogy also presented some of their activities, related to previous and current games and played a drama that presents bullying as a phenomenon, which is quite common among teenagers. Symbolic gifts were given to the students who participated in the competitive games as a sign of gratitude for their participation. June 1 – International Children’s Day serves to raise awareness and say no to violence and abuse against children. Children’s Day was decided on June 1, because on this date was held the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva, in 1925.